Astragalus - is it good or bad for cfs? Confused!

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    Hi all,
    A good friend has suggested that I should take Astragalus (I have CFS) and on first reading about it - it looks like the answer to all our prayers.
    BUT (dontcha just hate those?????)
    on doing a bit more research, I have come across one homeopathic site that says it must NOT be taken by people with ME.
    Also, some postings here (yes, I have done a search...such a swot) say we should avoid it.
    I'm really confused now - but I see Pro Health sell it on this site so I am assuming that they have faith in it.
    What could it do to us that could be damaging? I see many warnings that it shouldn't be taken during a fever. Is this because fever could indicate that there is infection going on - and we just don't know what infections we might be harbouring - fever or not???
    I will await your words of wisdom before I plunge in....
    Mary x
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    astragalus mixed with OLE and don't have a bad reaction to OLE, isolated from that ingredient...It is suppose to support the immune system, so I thought maybe, I was just allergic to it. Wouldn't mind knowing about that, either?!
  3. goingslowlycrazy

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