Astrological sign and there a link?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kal-El, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Kal-El

    Kal-El New Member

    I was browsing the MSN homepage today and came across something that shocked me! There was an article about the use of astrology in health and medicine. I'm a Gemini and this is what it said:

    "GEMINI rules the lungs, trachea, bronchial tubes, arms, hands, shoulders, fingers, and the sympathetic nervous system. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, has dominion over the nervous system and the impulses that create all activities involving the nerves. Geminis can operate for hours or even days on sheer nervous energy, not eating or sleeping - and that can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome. Slow down!"

    Needless to say, my jaw nearly hit the floor when I read that last line! Could there really be something to this?
  2. Kal-El

    Kal-El New Member

    ...that I have had CFS for over 3 years now and the part about me running on nervous energy for hours or days without barely eating or sleeping describes me perfectly. There have been many times in my life that I did just that even before having CFS. I was always a rather nervous person.

    I just couldn't believe that when I read it...eerie to say the least.
  3. ILM

    ILM New Member

    that the stars do rule over certain things a lot more than we think. But. I'm a libra and my astrological profile doesn't fit well with CFS.
  4. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    I am a Scorpio with FM. I just searched for mine. I don't see a correlation in my health and sign either as far as FM goes.

    Mine did say health issues deal alot with the sexual organs which I have dealt with; hysterectomy etc.

    Of course it could be the web-site I found!

    Take care
  5. monicaz49

    monicaz49 New Member

    I am also a scorpio. i have cfs with mild fibro.
    I love reading about my sign. I dont believe in daily predictions but i find reading the scorpio profile fascinating.
    I also like watching Sylvia Browne on Montel. LOL But...i dont believe her at all. :)
    Nice thread!
  6. swedeboy

    swedeboy Member

    Could you provide the link to this article? I'm a saggitarius and I would love to find out what they have to say.

  7. maggie_d

    maggie_d New Member

    And I run on nervous energy a lot and then I crash. I have learned (slowly) over the past couple of months to pace better.

    Very interesting,
  8. Kal-El

    Kal-El New Member

    Sorry, I searched for it again and I can't seem to find it. Can someone else who found it please post the link? Thank you.
  9. foggygirl

    foggygirl New Member

    I'm a Leo. I was always very high energy, Type A, goal oriented--never sat still or stopped.

  10. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    Does anyone have the link? I couldn't find it.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    We posted our signs and there was no one or two signs which were predominant. Our illnesses are equal opportunity.

    Love, Mikie
  12. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I figured that no one sign would be linked to CFS. I just like reading about my sign so I wanted to see the link.

    You see so many different birthdays in profiles on here that it wouldn't be linked to any one sign. If that were the case I am sure they would have figured that one out long ago :)

    If anyone has the link I would still like to read it.

    Pam :)
  13. Kal-El

    Kal-El New Member

    I never meant to imply that one astrological sign would be particularly susceptible to developing CFS over another. Clearly, this illness doesn't descriminate in any way. I did think it was really interesting that it would actually say 'chronic fatigue syndrome' and not just 'chronic fatigue' or 'exhaustion'. It was one of those 'WOW' moments that catch you by surprise.

    It is very interesting to note that many of us saw themselves as type A personalities prior to getting ill though. That is something that we can't really ignore. There is something about a perfectionistic person with really high expectations in themselves that is willing to push through fatigue that really leaves him or her prone to developing CFS. Makes you wonder why so many of us have that in common.
  14. suzannekart

    suzannekart New Member

    I am a Gemini. I have had people tell me they never know which one of me will show up for anything. I do run on sheer energy. I forget to eat. Hate to sleep. I am usually doing 10 things at once. I often feel that people just don't keep up with me. My mind races and my talking is constant. I have never heard of the connection to cfs. I do always want things to be perfect and usually wear myself out doing things. But I will not slow down because then I just feel worse. Who knew? Suzanne
  15. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Since we are not suppose to post sites...those of you wanting to find it can do a google search with astrology + health.

    There are several sites available.

  16. Amethyst77

    Amethyst77 New Member

    Hi Everyone, the first time I have been to a chat room about the CFS and the Fibro, have been here for hours now,
    so many things have hit home, I haven't found this kind of help anywhere else, medical sites are ok, but life stories and people who actually can completely identify and walking the same road is unbelievably comforting at this time, I have had these for many years but always something else disguised it, so I have pretty much just started "self educating myself" I have learned so much tonight, with my mouth open most of the time lol, saying wow so that is normal.

    anyway I am a scorpion also, I don't believe in the predicting by "your sign" but I think that everything has a purpose that all fits together and have noticed that full moons seasons and weather play a big part in alot of things that I know I personally don't understand.

    The one thing I can identify with is the same characteristics that I think you all may be saying.... perfectionist, worrier, had to fix everyone elses problems and would pick it up and carry it as if it was your own personal problem, very hard on yourself and expectations of yourself etc..... I do think it is a very good possibitity, that the Character types play a huge part in all of this, the Cleric and the meloncoly chartacters get my vote.

    The word disease itself means dis-ease

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  17. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    I am a scorpio and have had many troubles with my female stuffs too. But, since CFS and especially FM seem to invole every part of health - I would think all signs are covered. Interesting topic!
  18. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    If nothing else, I'm glad that chronic fatigue syndrome is going mainstream enough to get into a column on astrology.

    If we ever get into the NYT crossword puzzle, it will mean we've really arrived!

  19. openyourmind

    openyourmind New Member

    scorpio here--interested in seeing the various signs--
  20. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Is there an astrological Formaldehyde Sign? I believe that is the sign I was born under. And it is the next sign after MSG. And, yes, Mercury can have dominion over the nervous system. But, not in a good way.

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