Astrology, FM and chocolate

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 25, 2007.

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    I am searching for a new career, as my current one as a writer is about to expire. I've decided to look into becoming a scientific researcher.

    Here's a "scientific" study I haven't found yet, not even on MSN's Astrology page.
    But its only a matter of time before someone begins research on the connection between chocolate consumption, astrology and FM.

    Why don't we give science a head start by admitting how much chocolate we (really)consume and when, under what circumstance and during which lunar phase?

    For example:
    I am on the cusp of Aries/Taurus. Being of pioneering traits and a risk taker (Aries)as well as a sedentary, clumsy home dweller (Taurus), I prefer new, adventurous chocolates, love to explore and gamble my hard earned paycheck on a box of chocolates I haven't tried before. Preferring home to elsewhere, I love having my chocolates mail ordered to my teeny apt. I find my chocolate consumption, never wanes(!) but ebbs and flows with the moon. Thus, we have proof that FM is likely to cycle upwards and outwards with the increased consumption of chocolate. And one may then posit, that deprivation of chocolate leads to brain cramping (different from fogging)and vague assorted itches.

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    Need I say more?
  3. GigglePoet

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    Interesting ideas aching!...I am not into astrology myself but had to tell you that I know where you can get some awesome chocolate Truffles from my daughter the Pastry chef who makes them. If you are interested let me know. She makes Champegin, halapenio,and our favorite cinnamon besides several others. She hand makes them at home. Best of luck on your interest in scientific reserach. I'll have to say I just consumed a whole bag of chocolate pinwheel cookies..not smart I know, but I treated myself, now I must behave! Ps..I am Aquarius myself

  4. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    (Lovejoy, this is serious work and if that was a snicker, you barely missed triggering me....barely)

    Dear Pinwheel Coookie DEvourer
    Thank you for participating in my scientific research and enabling me to rehab my career, if not my waistline.

    To input this valuable information into my data bank I've sorted and decoded your intriguing language:


    ...i know there was a third category listed...scientic work is clearly going to be more stressful than the universal idiocies I normally deal with.

    Let me know where to contact you...and we'll discuss how to handle scientific samples to proceed with final assessment.

  5. GigglePoet

    GigglePoet New Member

    Giggle giggle..I love the way you adressed me..I so totally like being identified as the giggling Pinwheel cookie scoffer!!!! oh goodness!!! he he. I am glad you could decode my words as well, I knew the spelling on those words were
    Don't know how to get you the rest of information as with the rules and their strictness here. If you think of something let me know ok...

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