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Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by erenaa, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. erenaa

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    Greetings, I have been seening a wellness practitioner who uses an asyra machine and prescribes remedies from Energetics and natures Forum.

    I have experienced remarkable success and accurate feedback from the Asyra machine, however, I am sceptical about prices of my practioner.

    I was charged $45 for a nosode scan, $65 for a strep scan result.

    In addition, I was charged $88 for drops/remedy with the imprint for 4120 Parasite/Amoeba/Protozoa from Natures Forum, (and online, the drops cost $13.)

    I was charched $108 for Bacteria Chord drops with the strep imprint. The Bacteria Chord online costs $13 online. Total, my bill was 319.72 of which 13.72 was tax, for one hour

    Is this in the General Price Range for a small town in Southern Indiana? Does anyone get the asyra machine feedback, and then order the products online themselves? Thank you! Erenaa
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    You are a first-time poster to ProHealth and welcome. ProHealth does not provide any doctors here so you are talking to members like yourself.

    A suggestion is that you go on the internet and begin researching this procedure, including a case I found of someone who was doing it that was unlicensed. You said you have received "accurate feedback" from this procedure but you may want to consider what you were diagnosed with previously to make a comparison to state it is accurate.

    My primary care doctor does a strep test for me for free as it is included in my HMO medical insurance plan and does parasite testing for free also--so that is another way to start comparing prices as to what traditional medicine covers and then charges like this that are probably not covered by insurance.

    But start researching on the internet to see what you find in pricing for other areas and then if you find a significant variance in price, present your results to the person doing the testing and selling you the various drops--and use that many primary care providers would do many of the tests for free under medical insurance as a bargaining tool for prices. By the way, double check to make sure the person doing this testing is licensed as a chiropractor or other licensed professional--if they are not then RUN AWAY.

  3. erenaa

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    thank you for your kind reply....I don't have insurance, and probably won't until I'm 65! Jasmine below mentioned that I shop online, however, I'm limited in effectiveness because the he practitioner puts the drops on the "stand" , and then "imprints" them with a remedy that is supposed to solve my problem.

    So it appears that the drops are the carrier, which I CAN buy online, but that the imprint is what she is charging me for above and beyond the $13. I'll be checking all of this out with other local practitioners. In the meantime...I'll be visiting other message boards on this site for a cure for an ongoing annoying cough in my chest that just will NOT go away! A tiny bit productive, but mostly pressure in my chest, and extreme cough when I get into a new environment. As if something flies into my chest..a tiny particle of something, and then I try to cough/choke it out. It makes me not want to go anywhere, and this is particularly debilitating because I am a professional speaker! I've been reduced to taking a claritan pill one hour before my presentation, which helps a little to dry me up....but I'm getting desparate. Don't really want to change my profession, and my colleagues find the cough annoying! Thank you for sharing! E

    My practitioner cured it two years ago, but now it's back, with no successful results, only the scan is showing a different cause. Wish me luck! M:}

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