At Last - my blood is finally at igenex

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  1. maps1

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    and have sent blood to medical diagnostics for mycoplasma testing.

    I can't believe I have finally done it. Wanting to do the U.S. test for mycoplasma for years (tested positive 3-4 years ago with Canadian test) but doc said it was really expensive and then I find out it is only $75.

    I know everyone else has been happy to finally have a diagnosis but that also seems like such a long journey and both lymes and mycoplasma seem to be as controversial as CFS.

    Working with the naturapath I am seeing some changes although I find some of it a little too weird for me. I am going to look into detailed stool anaylsis and the test that Rich posted here re glutathion.

    If either of the tests comes back positive don't know what I am going to do.

    Interested to hear what other peoples reaction and coping strategies have been.

  2. mindblower

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    Igenex or otherwise, please take any none standard positives test results as you are doing regarding mycoplasma or lyme with an absolutely huge grain of salt when your diagnosis is CFS. I can speak from both personal experience of positives with the same and seeing many treated like us over the years based on those positives.

    The controversy about these tests is not as real as some may hype it to be. Unknown by many newer to this diagnosis and others we might call low information patients(LIPs, like low information voters who vote based on little to no decent research on the topic or candidates involved), the argument has predominantly long already been won AGAINST these being useful or causally relevant to CFS.

    Also, the specific treatments offered based on these results seem to MORE than overwhelmingly fail. That's my experience, FWIW, and I appreciate you don't know me from a HITG.

    I also appreciate your proactivity and think that bodes well for your ultimate success in attaining full health. Keep it up.

    I make exception for Rich's theory and suggested testing compared to the above. My experience with treatement based on these has paid off positively if not perfectly to this point.


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  3. munch1958

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    Yes, the testing stinks. It's taken me quite a few attempts to get an equivical test for mycoplasma pneumonia. My Lyme test was NEGATIVE but I had so many bands light up. That says to me that I had past exposure to Borrelia. The longer you've had this crud the greater the chances are that you'll test negative. Our immune system's just sort of give up and stop making antibodies to some of these pathogens.

    I've have nearly recovered my health with heparin for sticky blood (from the infections), Abx, AVs, AF (diflucan and nystatin) and hormone replacement therapy for hormones that came back low. You can too!
  4. mindblower

    mindblower New Member

    It's worse than the tests stink. You're missing my point.

    The theories behind these tests are false for CFS, even for those of us that tested positive for both. The treatments fail because the theory that mycoplasma or lyme are the problem are wrong to begin.


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  5. gapsych

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    Very interesting. I think that there is a reason that some "alternative" labs are not covered by insurance.

    You said you have tried Ricks protocal. I am assuming you got the Vitamin Diagnostics. Do you think they gave you reliable results?

    I just don't believe that supplements are the only answer. Yes some may help with general health, but curing CFS? I may be proved wrong, but am not hopeful.

  6. mindblower

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    Kina: If you carefully consider what I'm said about my experience, read through my posts here, and do your own thorough research(pubmed, JAMA, unbiased docs, unbiased sites on the topic, and do many direct real-time interviews with those with CFS regarding these treatments years later, etc), you and just about anyone without a financial interest in these theories will see my comments about them stand on absolutely solid ground. It's up to the individual interested enough in the truth to get beyond the hype behind these, beyond forming an opinion based on reading a link or two(often supported by those vested interests or under-educated/ emotionally invested patients, ie, LIPs).

    gap: No, I've never said I've done Rich's Simplified Protocol nor his recommended testing as of late such as Vitamin Diagnostics. I have no reason to doubt his reports of success and level of accuracy with these, but my comments have been about his theory to be clear, the basic model of cause for CFS he's developed, and what treatment(there are more than a few) has been successful for me based based on this model. Then, FWIW, I don't think he and I know I'm not saying supplements are the answer for CFS. I think he and I know I'm just after whatever treatment process repletes glutathione and where the positive results from treatment stick. So far, that consistently seems to happen from some very specific kind of supplements and not other methods that seem to be putting the cart before the horse, seem to continually not work or help for a while, but eventually fizzle.

  7. maps1

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    I don't for one momment think any of the tests I am taking are going to cure CFS but i am hoping that by clearing up infections and dealing with active viruses will eliminate some of the extra load my body i carrying therefor making my daily living a little better.

    I did get a negative result on mycoplasma, which i am delighted with, now i can stop thinking all these little things are in their eating away at my brain.

    Still waiting for igenex and have just completed a comprehensive stool anaylasis which i hope will mean we don't have to wonder if I have candida or make myself sick taking medications when i dont have the ailment.

    By the way my digestive problems are providing 50% of symptons.

    Thanks to all for the lively discussion, will let you know when I get the other results.


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