at wits end with drug/herb/vitamin allergies... hope?

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  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    hi all--

    same stuff i've mentioned before, but now i'm really clear that i'm allergic to everything now, it seems.

    i've always(?) been allergic to antibiotics.

    then it was also antivirals.

    (was so glad i could take ibuprofin and vicodin when herniated disc pain causes migraines!)...

    but NOW! i'm allergic to ibuprofin, tylenol... everything i try!!! it will start to work... then w/in a few hours, my chest tightens up... swollen lips... sneezing... i tried benadryl and this does help some (though it makes other things weird), but my doc said 'just don't take any of the drugs, then'. but sometimes i can't stand the pain!

    for awhile i could take homeopathic meds, then no longer (rash, etc.). i ALSO have the same allergic reactions to vitamins and herbs! (sometimes it's even worse with the herbs). every doctor has nearly given up. i keep 'trying again' with everything, and keep getting the same reaction. aAAAAAAAGH! it's so depressing to realize there is nothing i can take. the other day i read that vitamin c (coated; best for my bad stomach) could help allergies. popped half of a buffered vitamin c (within 15 minutes of eating) and felt totally nauseous/faint, then really ill for awhile.

    beside myself without options? aside from prayer, any thoughts?! and i also feel like a total freak of nature!


  2. Catseye

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    Chest tightening up and allergies makes me wonder about your liver. Check out my posts that have liver in the title, especially the one titled "liver congestion". You may just need to clean out your liver and get it back on its feet.

    Do you have indigestion and feel extra full after eating fat or protein?

  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    oh, i'm sure my liver is messed up, just like every other part of my body!;)... (i do remember trying milk thistle for that and of course had to stop taking it right away as i was allergic!)...

    but yes, i DO have terrible digestion... i LOVE raw/fresh foods... but they seem the hardest on my digestion (and i'm a vegetarian, too!)... and i haven't been able to go near acidic/citrus/onion and raw garlic (bummer!) in ages... i always feel a bit crappy after eating most meals, though...

    i will certainly read the 'liver' posts that you mentioned. glad to hear you are doing a bit better!... i agree that we all know our bodies best... i am constantly getting "into it" with doctors... lol...

    thanks so much for your thoughts, and nice to 'meet' you!

  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I remember trying to eat raw when I was bad, it made me worse and I couldn't improve. From what I know now, I think it's because I couldn't digest the cellulose. There's a particular enzyme for cellulose digestion, it's cellulase.

    Try getting a digestive enzyme pill that has it or try juicing the veggies, instead. But don't do what I did: some of the raw I was doing WAS juicing but I was using a centrifugal juicer and I've since learned that too much cellulose gets by the spinning strainer into the juice in those types of juicers. That's why it's like drinking porridge when you juice veggies with it. I couldn't understand why I was drinking fresh veggie juices and feeling horrible all the time. Now I have a Green Power juicer, it's a single auger juicer and squeezes out the juice so it's practically cellulose-free. Plus I've read the spinning juicers destroy enzymes.

    And soak all your beans, nuts and seeds overnight before you eat them. They all have growth inhibitors in them and that will make them alot easier to digest.

    I, too, have a problem with citrus now. I miss my fresh orange or tangerine with lemon juice every morning.

    To give your system a break, eat some cooked veggies, too, at least until you get your system back up and running.

    good luck!

  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    oh, yah, i forgot how the BEANS get to me, too! maybe soaking them will help... (i'm so tired that everything i make usually comes in a box frozen, like the Amy's Black bean and rice thing...though i use an oven, no nuking... sad, but true... except when i had energy to make green smoothies. and i do eat a salad now and then)... i had such horrible hellish gas pain from black beans i nearly passed out (too much info, sorrrrry!)...

    i actually love veggie juices, but don't own a juicer. i bought this expensive celery root juice and loved it... but i thought the (half a cup recommended) was just a recommendation. i drank most of the bottle that night and that was a bad stomach scene, too!... i hope smaller amounts of juices are easier on my stomach?!... der...

    food is now one of my few hopes... so let's hope something works!

    now, if only i can afford a juicer (not working);). thanks for the juicer recommendations!

    ;) helene
  6. Adl123

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    Dear Helene,
    What a situation you are in! Have you ever tried acupuncture? It might just be worth it. I've been going since March, and my fibro pain is in remission, all my other types of pain are better, my brain fog is better, my energy is better, and I have hope again.

    Also, my IBS is gone, but that is mainly due to Aloe Vera juice, probiotics, red Miso, and green tea, although the acupuncture helped that, too.

    Just an idea,
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  7. AllWXRider

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    Enzymes help with digestion and when taken on an empty stomach become systemic. Systemic enzymes reduce inflammation, dissolve isoprin coating on viruses, clean the blood, modulate the immune system and dissolve scar tissue and fibrin blockages. Dr. Max Wolf discovered that enzymes don't dissolve endogenous protiens (your body parts are tagged with your DNA)and so they shouldn't hurt your stomach. Scar tissue is dead. Your herniated disc may heal up.

    A stomach ulcer may flare with enzymes due to the H. Pylori bacteria present...but other than that it shouldn't hurt.

    As someone else said, natural enzymes from foods are great but often inconvenient. I feel great after juicing a honeydew melon. "Eat melons alone or leave them alone or your tummy will groan".
  8. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    hi terry;)... nice to "meet" you!

    i tried acupuncture when my headaches were constant, about 5-8 years back. it seemed that i would feel better for about an hour after... but that was it. now get this; toward the end years of doing acupuncture (every other week or so), i would feel ever soo weak (during and after treatment); like i could nearly faint (i do feel this way easily, though).

    part of the reason i quit acupuncture was because i got on disability and not working full-time, could no longer get it covered by medicare. maybe things have changed? i may try again!

    i should try red miso and more aloe vera, too!

    so excited to have SOME ideas/hope!

    thanks so much!


  9. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    hi! nice to "meet".

    when i was having this cycle of upset stomach after eating (bad) followed by wicked headache... i tryed some stomach enzymes... as i recall, my stomach felt worse... but my headaches got better! (maybe i have that stomach ulcer flare you mention... should one continue to take enzymes in that case?)

    and if ANYthing could help those wicked cervical discs... i'd be elated! figured it was fusion surgery or the highway... and as bad as the pain has been, i've held out against surgery.

    thank you SO much!...

    (also, your home looks sooo cozy in your photo!... and i haven't ridden much at all... but have a secret passion for motorcycles--what could be better with my neck and health?! lol)


  10. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i'm excited to try a weaker version of milk thistle and the dandelion tea;)...

    as well as work on the yeast a bit (thanks for thinking of my system in each case... as i've even, yep, have issues with probiotics... ).

    i really appreciate all the details you gave to assist me with each remedy.

    nice to 'meet' you! thanks a ton;)


    Liver support:
    If milk thistle capsules were too much for you, making weak milk thistle tea might give you an easier start. Only 1-2 minutes of steeping, one cup a day (or less if you like, see how you do).

    If that seems to be agreeing with your system after 1-2 weeks, add dandelion root tea, just steep them together for 1-2 minutes. If you get an adverse affect, you'll know it's the dandelion root.

    You can try the dandelion root tea first, of course.

    Just one course of antibiotics in a lifetime can cause a yeast imbalance/overgrowth. If you want to try probiotics but are concerned about too powerful a response, you can try kefir. Two very good brands are Helio (think that's how it's spelled) and Stonyfield Farms. Stonyfield Farms has a "light" variety in which erythritol is used rather than artificial sweeteners. You could try just a little a day, maybe a couple of ounces, see how things go.

    If your liver is the culprit with the allergies, it might be helpful to address that first, see how it goes, and then consider yeast. Starting slowly and very gradually working up is fine. One thing at a time enables you to quickly pinpoint anything that makes you feel badly.

    Good luck, hope something works for you.
  11. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    you guys are sooo great!

    of course you would have ideas;) my docs throw their hands up at me and say, literally "well, then i don't know what to tell you!" (like i'm just a huge pain in the arse and it's somehow my fault; i'm 'difficult'). (but you all know this!)
  12. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i have been feeling better eliminating corn and some gluten... (bareley eat eggs)... however, i eat a ton of soy, as i'm vegetarian.

    i should try (how?) to eliminate soy, maybe...

    it's soo helpful and inspirational to hear that things have gotten better for you!

    i will definitely try all your suggestions.

    many thank yous!

    (and still can't totally rid the chocolate!)
  13. ladykew

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    I am in about the same quandry as you. Not fun! What I an also a vegetarian and I've found some things that really work for me. Allergies...tons of them. New ones every day. But changing my diet has helped.

    I take juice plus, just google this and it will take you to several differnt places to find out about it and how to get it, it's vegetables and fruits, all whole foods in capsules, gluten free, no additives. Drink lots of water.

    Then I take a custom designed vitamin pack 4 times a day, all natural. I just bought groceries today, and 3/4 of what I bought were fresh and mostly organic vegetables.

    I take a probiotic once a day. I take a granulated fiber that you mix in water every night. I found a wonderful substitute white "cheese" made with soy.

    It's delicious. I use to have ulcers, GERD, inflammation of the stomach, chronic gastritis, IBS,and now I have little problems at all.

    I do take a stomach medication, prilosec twice a day 30 minutes before meals. And I take pain meds, muscle relaxers, antidepressants, antianxiety meds, etc.

    This was the biggest part of my problem, but I need the meds. So I found a way I could take them, and still keep my stomach from going haywire.

    If this helps in any way, then I'm glad. If not...well, I tried. And good luck to you! P.S. I still cannot tolerate citrus.