Atheletic and CURED of CFS by Holtorf?

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    "H. Postexertional malaise lasting more that twenty-four hours"

    I am a former endurance runner. Mostly trail marathons and trail 50-milers. Couple of 100's, Vermont and Leadville in '89. Unofficial U.S. age-group record, 55-59, 100K in 1990.

    From 1991 running log:
    Friday, February 1. "Have head cold."
    Monday, February 4. "Cold much better by bedtime."
    Thursday, February 7 . "Cold mostly gone."
    Friday, February 8. "Tired. Bed most of afternoon. Swollen and sore left below central jaw. Sore left lower central skull."
    Saturday, February 9. "Left lower jaw still has lump/sore spot. Fresh blood from right nostril several times near Xmas Tree (while running)."

    Last running log (which started in 1983) was 1996 with yearly total of 13 miles recorded! I have just regressed to 1982 fitness.

    Has a Holtorf group doctor CURED YOUR "H. Postexertional malaise lasting more that twenty-four hours"?

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