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    Has anyone out here tried Ativan for anxiety attacks? I was just recently put on it for anxiety. Does anyone else out here suffer from the attacks? I have them three or four times a week and I'm not real sure what brings them on. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any info on the meds or just how you all deal with anxiety attacks.
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    Hi, Yes, I have Ativan for anxiety attacks. I do not get them too often, but the Ativan does help. It is a pretty mild medicine. You should not have any trouble with it. Just take a few deep breaths when you feel an attack coming on and try to think of something peaceful. Hope this helps some.
  3. 2girls

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    Not really sure if I get anxiety attacks - I do get very odd sensations that seem to come out of the blue. I do however take low dose ativan for sleep (1mg).
    I recently changed docs and my new doc rx'd diazapam (5mg) but it did nothing for pain or sleep. I switched back to ativan (only at night) and find it quite effective.

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    I've taken Ativan off an on for a few year's. No problem with it, but it just wasn't quite right for me. I now take Xanax, but only when thing's start getting Stressful.
    They also help me to sleep, and I don't have bad dreams on them. I didn't with the Ativan either, but I did on Ambien.

    What the Dr. gave you is Valium, and I had bad reactions to them, the 5mg wern't strong enough, and the 10mg, made me walk into wall's, lol, and I do that enough already.

    Hope you have good result's with the Ativan, give it time and be sure to Journal, at least for a few day's, how you felt on it, and if it made a difference or not. I keep track only because I do have weird reactions to different meds', and I want to be sure the Doctor's don't give me any of the previously tried med's. Why waste money,

    God Bless you,

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    Hi- I've been taking lorazepam(generic of ativan) since early this year on the advice of a very knowledgeable friend, who has been researching mercury detoxification for the past 10 years.
    Yes, it has helped my symptomology of this kind of "off balance"/ brain fog/ fatigue feeling that i'v dealt w/for the past 10 years. I'm only taking about a 1/2 mg during the day at work, but it does seem fo calm down my brain enough so that i helps the fogginess,,,etc...
    My friend tells me that much of brain problems are due to the havoc caused by the metals from the amalgams in my teeth, which i had replaced a couple of years ago. The onlgoing struggle now is to get improvement in the these symptoms as the mercury/metals are slowly removed from the tissues and the brain.
    In the meantime, meds like lorazepam and klonopin are helping me live somewhat normally.