Atkins Anyone?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by TaylorWillix, Nov 11, 2004.

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    Hey Everybody. Have any of you guys heard about this great new Atkins DVD? Its available at Walmart now. I must tell you something, I always found dieting really hard, I started about a year ago and was on the brink of giving up when I was told about this great DVD by some friends. After much convincing I finally thought to myself that maybe I should give this whole Atkins thing ago, Just out of curiosity but I have to tell you I was very shocked. Atkins`s DVD actually worked. It made dieting fun and was surprisingly easy to use. After a few days I was already beggining to see results, I was feeling better and looked better. I just couldn`t believe it. I have to recommend this DVD to any of you who have tried everything and are thinking of throwing in the towel. If you have tried the Atkins diet before however please let me know as I would be interested in your opinions. Cheers and good luck.
  2. cilli

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    I am cureently on atkins and it's my favorite diet, it works fast and even though no carbs u can eat as much as you want. I am on it because my doctor told me to loose weight and cut out the carbs. I personally love this diet. Hope this helps. Cilli
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    Thanks for posting about this, I didn't know there was a DVD. I always did very well on Atkins in the past. I recall at first there seemed to be a strong need to eat tons of protein, but that passed pretty quickly and I wanted more veggies and less meat, mostly fish.

    I'm so tickled you posted about the DVD, I've looked for my (ancient) book off and on, couldn't find it, didn't want to buy another...I loved doing Atkins. It's amazingly similar to what I've read about the Mediteranean (sp?) diet.

    If memory serves (and it might not, it's been a long time), I lost over 50 lbs with practically no effort on Atkins. I definitely remember feeling better within a week, kind of cleaned out and not always hungry.

    THANK YOU for posting and for the reminder, much appreciated!

  4. Jayna

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    ... for me, the water-weight loss at the beginning was too much. It messed up my electrolytes and drastically dropped my blood volume and made me unable to stand up or holdup my head, and affected my heart rhythm.

    When I figured that out, I went to the maintenance part of the diet instead of the strict no-carb part, and got stable pretty fast although my weight loss was slower. I too felt really cleaned out and healthy and it did help my brain fog.
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    thank you for posting this. My husband is starting the diet tomorrow and has been pushing and pushing me to join him. He has done it before and had great results. I tried it for one day and felt horrible. I am a CARB ADDICT. No joke, I get headaches...the whole nine yards if I do not put a carb in my body.

    So I am hesitant. I am already so miserable...but if it will make me feel better over time, I will try.

    I will post on how I do. Any of you that tried it carb addicts????

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    too low carb for me, i get sick on it, reduced carb ok but not that far. some with cfs have to be careful of the balance.
  7. boy this is an old post from the date of the post. BUT I would love to try atkins but it is so hard, you have to have a mind set to start it.
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    Try vegetarianism!!!