Atkins or South beach ...low carb diets anyone?

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  1. I am starting one and know atkins you can lose faster, even on Good morning America they said atkins was the fastest in weight loss. However, I find it seems so limited in what you can eat. Has anyone been on it or have any suggestions?
  2. forgot to add does anyone know what is the difference in atkins and S. beach?
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    I did Atkins for quite a while and lost just over 50 lbs. I have kept it off (most of it!!) for the last 4 years.

    I have the South Beach book and the main difference I noticed is that you can have a lot more fruit (after the first couple weeks) and the book calls for all lean meat. Atkins recommends leaner cuts, but doesn't require them.

    Some people seem to think that Atkins says eat lots of fatty foods, but that's not really accurate. It does say in the book not to try to do low carb and low fat together, I think because it would be so restrictive.

    Problems with Atkins:

    Constipation - You will probably want to take fiber of some kind to help with this.
    Low carb bars/treats - Lots of them have sugar alcohol which caused me to have terrible gas. A lot of people get diarhea from them, too, but that might be a plus since the diet tends to cause constipation anyway. Ten sugar free jelly beans caused me terrible cramps and gas. Be careful.

    Cheating - On Atkins cheating will set you back to day one. That one little bite of birthday cake is too much!

    Fruit - I love my fruit!! You can have berries (after the first week) and other lower carb fruits, but apples are my fav and they have more carbs than were allowed in one day!

    I maintain by trying to eat low fat and healthy. Whole grains, fresh fruit and veggies.

    I avoid sugar. They have donuts or cake or cookies here at the office all the time. I keep hearing "oh, this once won't hurt." Well, that "once" once a week adds up in a hurry.

    Hope that helps and please remember this is just my experience, as they say on the commericals for weight lose products "results not typical"!

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    First two week is restrictive. After that, I find it to be basically a good healthy eating plan for life.

    My rheumatologist told me NOT to go on the Atkins. I can't really remember the reason. It had something to do with protein and calcium in bones---or something like that.

    I lost 35 pounds on the S.Beach Diet. The weight comes off around stomach/buttox area. That is what the book claimed, and that is exactly what happened.

    I have advanced juvenile and adult rheumatoid arthritis Plus FM. I have to use an electric mobility scooter , so we are talking NO EXERCISE that would help with weight loss.

    So you know the S. Beach Diet has to be good for me to lose 35 pound with no exercise.

    I eat brown rice and wild rice, but not white rice.
    I eat whole grain/ multi grain bread, but no "enriched" white flour bread.

    I eat sweet potatoes, but no white potatoes.

    I basically remember that the only "white" thing I normally eat is cauliflower. Otherwise, I just basically think, "If it is white, it ain't right!"
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    Well, I basically read the book so i would know the "ins and outs". They tend to put something acidic into the foods (eg a little vinegar) because that causes them to digest more slowly---or something like that. They also want you to eat foods that contain fiber; tht slows down digestion too, so the food stays longer in your stomach.

    So I basically take the list of OK foods and just figure out what to cook from there. The "mashed potatoes" made from cauliflower is the only recipe that I kinda' follow.

    For my family,
    To the recipe, I add:
    I add a tiny pinch of sugar
    A pinch of garlic salt
    And fat free cheddar cheese slices over the top.

    If I'm just making it for myself, I leave out the tiny pinch of sugar, but still add the pinchof garlic salt and the fat free cheddar cheese slices.

    Otherwise----I just make food using the allowed ingredients. I was amazed how the weight came off . I ate till I felt full. No measuring, no counting calories. and in my case----NO EXERCISE!

    I had never been on a diet before in my life.

    Oh, and I drank plenty of water too.

    I actually lost my craving for some of the no-no foods.

    My stomach stopped growling between meals.

    I used to get terrible food cravings about 20 minutes after I would eat. It was sooooooo odd. I am hypoglycemic. I figured it must have something to do with that.

    now, I don't get those terrible hunger pangs that you can't ignore. I don't feel lightheaded----and I lost weight.

    My rheumy was terribly impressed. Since I have advanced RA in so many weight bearing joints, it is imperative that I keep any excess weight off of my body.

    The recipes are right in the S. Beach Diet Book. I hardly used any of them because i just made my own food using the allowed ingredients. It was a simple transition for me.
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  6. I hate to buy yet another diet book, I have atkins, Dr. Phils, Suzanne sommers, The carb addict. They all swear they work. Of course I have bought them all over years. I just want one that is easy to follow. Does the S. beach come in paperback? LOL!
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    I googled it and got recipes,support group,and tons of info right off their site without buying the book.I loaned the book to DD or DS but they don't know what happened to it.I've done Atkins with success but gain the same 15 to 20 back over time.I like the idea of not eating strictly by the book but with their concept.If I can give up my M&M's once and for all I will give it a try.At 53 I am so sick of diets but would feel less tired if I ate better.
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    I would think the local library would have a copy. You could read the book and photocopy the 3 lists of foods.

    Phase I. lasts 2 weeks, most restrictive.
    Phase II foods. Many fruits readded to diet along with a bunch of other stuff.

    Phase III. Maintenance diet.

    After Phase II, I kinda' combined Phase II with some of phase III.

    Lots of the book are just recipes. you could copy some of them down so you get the "gist" of what they suggest.

    It is really just a "healthy lifestyle" of eating. It isn't some whacko "eat only meat or eat only grapefruit" kinda' diet. It is basically wholesome foods that haven't been overcooked , over processed, and adulterated beyond recognition.