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  1. Kim

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    I stopped eating a low carb diet this week and I feel much worse. I was doing a modified Atkins, had more energy, less aches and pains, mood stability. Fell off the wagon and I am foggy, sore, and sleepy.

    Besides low carb (I still eat plenty of salad and green veggies) I started Super Greens Plus and that gives me more energy, too. The other strange thing is I was retested for allergies and I'm no longer reacting to eggs, dairy and wheat (I avoided these foods for four months).

    I'm trying to make most of my protein fish and organic chicken along with free range eggs, organic cheese and soy.

    I didn't do the INDUCTION phase of Atkins because I didn't know if I could commit to it! My main goal was more energy, less moodiness. So far, it worked.
  2. Princessraye

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    I did Atkins last year (induction and all !) and lost 45 pounds. I did not feel one bit better. I keep hearing people say they feel better so I am going to try it again. Thankfully I have kept the weight off.
    Energy is my goal too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Stick with it, there is nothing better than feeling better ! (at least that is what I hear)
    The internet is full of free recipes for low carb meals.
    Take care
  3. MsBrandywine

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    HI Kim
    I just started the induction for Atkins yesterday. So far Im not feeling all that much better either. I did go back and read in his one book and it does say if you are weak, tired and not feeling very well that you could be hypyglycemic. Which I already know that I am. I did lose 2 lbs so far but gosh it makes me wonder if its worth it to feel so bad, but yet I want to give it at least a few more days to see if the feeling passes.
    My stepdaughter is just going into her 3rd wk .. shes lost 11 lbs. shes diabetic and she said it could be carbohydrate withdrawels?? anyone got any ideas on this..
    also.. I did get the cream for coffee and it did have 1 gram of sugar in it .. and that was when I started feeling like this, was when I had my cup of coffee.. (which is decaf)..
    I did read where it said not to modify it and I havent tried that yet.. but who knows.. if I continue to feel worse.. then I might try to. or just change to another low carb where it isnt quite so strict..
    My Mom and Dad they do the Atkins.. they do wonderful with it.
    I hope you feel better Kim.. wish you the best'
  4. healing

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    I believe that those who feel best on the low carb diets are those who tend to have candida overgrowth, which contributes to fatigue and overall achiness, as well as other problems. Once you cut out carbs, it's easy to control the candida. If you don't have candida, you probably won't feel quantifiably better on low carbs unless you need to lose weight -- and the low carb diet will certainly help you do that.
  5. Shazzy

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    Hi Everyone,

    There was a program on tv last week here in the uk about the atkins diet. I was put off by the two who tested it said they felt very tired. That has put me off, am exhausted as it is.
    I asked my gp about it and he said... You lose muscle waste if your not active. I am Mostly bed and house ridden so another reason to not do it.

    I am interested on others who tried this kind of diet.

  6. Mikie

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    Read the intro in her latest book, "Fast & Easy." Hers is a low-carb diet but doesn't have the induction period. You can eat fruit if you eat it by itself. She even has recipes for desserts in Level One. The weight loss is not as dramatic as with Atkins, but I did lose 24 pounds in a relatively short period of time and ate delicious food.

    More importantly, my blood pressure went down to low/normal and all my lipid panel numbers improved. My cholesterol dropped from 191 to 168 while eating red meat, butter, and cream. The intro explains this.

    Love, Mikie