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    I'm been seeing Dr. Bullington since August and have been very impressed with the knowledge base presented to me. I too am like Sandy, except my blood work came back as Epstein Barr, plus 3 other virus/bacteria. Now, we are testing for Lyme Disease which I feel certain will be positive.

    I began the anti-viral I.V's, plus oral medications for Epstein Barr. Dr. Bullington advises we begin treatments for the other 3 (one each month) until all have been treated.

    At least I now know what is making me so sick. Until I found this Clinic I wasn't getting any medical help except for the bandaide approach. Getting to the root of the sickenss was my goal and I truly believe I am there now.

    Sandy, I'd like to hear how you are being treated for the Lyme Disease.........I know with antioboditcs, one much treat the body slowly with these meds. for Lyme......

    I do hope everyone getting medical treatment at the FCC's will give themselves time for the protocol to heal.

    Good luck to all.