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    I have had OA, CFS and Fibromyalgia for 4 years. As with others who have posted here, I have been round and round with treatment protocols and physicians. I found the most wonderful doctors in Atlanta, Dr. Donald Stuart (neurologist) and Dr. Hayes Wilson (rheumatologist). Information regarding them and their office information is listed on the Internet.

    After many combinations of medications, what has been and is working for me for the past seven months is Tramadol (up to 8/da prn), Soma (2 per day), Ambien (1 100 mg at bedtime), Neurontin (currently at 1500 mg divided over a 24 hour period - started out with 300 mg six months ago. I am monitored and the dosage is increased gradually according to Dr. Stuart's orders), Zoloft (1 per day), Lozol (2 per day for HBP), Relafin ( 1 three times a day), prescriptioned Vitamin D, OTC Super B Complex, OTC 2000 mg Calcium/day, Nexium (1 in the morning 30 minutes prior to eating) and 4 OTC stool softeners (without laxative base) two in the morning and two at bedtime. Sometimes another Soma is taken if I have restless syndrome (which is seldom)after I go to bed . I have had multiple blood tests, MRI's, etc.
    I hope this information is useful to someone. It has taken a long time to get to this point. I still have to monitor what I do and for how long I can participate in an activity be it house cleaning, cooking, gardening, etc. IF I overdo it, I pay for it for 2 days of bed rest off and on. I cannot stand or sit for long periods of time. I have a pillow I ordered to keep pressure off the spine. It is square shaped but has an opening in the back at the sacrum area. I am 72 and have learned that even though something is fun and you are enjoying it, with us fun has a price if participated in too long. My family understands all this as I have had my daughter who is an RN go with me to the physicians so she hears and can ask questions of the physician and get answers "straight from the horse's mouth."

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