Atlas Adjustment Reduces Blood Pressure

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    Hi All,

    I ran across the following ABC News segment a while back and am finally getting around to posting it here. Dr. Tim Johnson is clearly impressed with the preliminary research results showing how a relatively simple atlas adjustment can lead to such a significant reduction in blood pressure. He mentions that it is well known that the upper cervical area around C1 (atlas) affects blood pressure, so it is easy for him to see how changing the anatomy in that area can bring about such results.

    Well, this same area is also where the brain stem and 12 cranial nerves descend through the opening in the atlas. If the blood vessels there are found to have been crimped and creating high blood pressure, I think it would be safe to assume that some of these major cranial nerves could also be affected. And if so, it could affect just about any function in our body. It would also quite likely cause chronic inflammation in the area, which is getting close to the actual definition of ME.

    Anyway, I've posted fairly extensively in the past regarding my own experience with upper cervical chiropractic and then atlas profilax. For me, the atlas profilax was superior to the upper cervical technique (atlas orthogonal) that was used in the study, and the one that I had depended on for many years prior to getting the atlas profilax procedure done.

    There's a number of testimonials on this board from people who have gained varying degrees of improvement using both upper cervical techniques and atlas profilax. I've long felt we should all give adequate attention to our structural issues to increase the odds of general improvement of our health.

    Best, Wayne
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    Hi All,

    Thought I'd paste a link to a youtube video (about 6 1/2 minutes) of Montel Williams discussing this technique with his chiropractor.

    Best, Wayne
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    I thought the following comments by Dr. Tim Johnson were said with a tone that indicated that he thought the test results were noteworthy. You don't often hear comments like this from MDs regarding chiropractors.

    "I'm telling you, the medical world will be paying attention to this because of the very significant drop in blood pressure"

    "I'm telling you, this catches our attention ... absolutely deserves more study"

    BTW, I agree with you about letting a chiropractor "mess with your neck". I've been helped by some and harmed by some. I would not go to another chiropractor who does not specialize in gentle upper cervical chiropractic.


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