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    Hey Cleo
    I would reply in your thread if I could

    but its interesting you posted about atlas orthogony right now as its been on my mind lately. about 20 years ago my neck got injured by high velocity chiros when I didnt even have subluxation or neck pain, its a long story but I stupidly got some adjustments during a time I was already starting to show signs of cfs/fm after surgery-------long story short found way to atlas orthogonist who helped over a couple years get me to where didnt feel like it popped out all the time as the highvelocity chiros gave me hypermobility. but i never went back to baseline prechiro and since then can't figure out how much of my problem is strictly structural neck issues and how much may be something else like fm or cfs, like a virus or detox problem etc as very MCS and PEM .
    Like you have been very cautious since got into the whole hypermobile neck rut about what I do cus being too energetic, sudden moves, getting bumped, carrying too heavy stuff, turning neck/head wrong when lying down or looking up etc can cause bothersome symptoms. after years of myofascial work in the 90s most of the time my neck can "correct" itself now but i just had a scary experience few weeks ago with a plane ride that either the pressure in cabin or the landing bumpy messed up my neck, it was an uncomfortable ride cross country for me for variety of reasons.first time in long time felt like may have significantly subluxated but too afraid to get adjustment or even myofascial because it can cause bad pain as well, getting corrected can cause residual weird pain and headaches and stuff and my theory is that nerve damage or something, that when they help it back into place even gently it goes back across a raw path, so if I can wait to see if body can clear it out on own usually better in new millenium for me.
    I saw a rheumie last week who specialises in Fm and he thinks all that subluxation stuff is hooie, I am not sure why we didtn have long enough time to really talk, but I think its like some MDs think its just an explanation we make up to explain things and then we get fixated on the sensations and our story about it, and Ithink they think that if there was really some instablilty there that it would be more obvious and we would have to get a fusion surgery.
    What do you think?
    i used to think I knew what was going on with my neck when this cycle all started 20 years ago but less sure as get older and it happnes less often and noticed that sometimes I get a feeling that 15-20 years ago would have made me think I was "out" so bad that no way my body could take care of it, well learned sometimes it gets better on own and thats been surprising to learn this last decade or that sometimes MCS stuff can cause similar sensations or sometimes if can get the right med or supplement etc it can actually alleviate it w/out manipulation too. I have always been confusd on how structural and chemical issues interrelate in our issues as they seem to overlap for sure and I used to think it was just physics, black and white, but its complex.

    Also though, I am not any happier about all of this 20 years later and wonder sometimes if should have had fusion or laminectomy but given my mcs and psyche don't think I could emotionally or physically handle the negative aspects. but it tortures me to wonder if perhaps it would be amissing link. I thought of trying to go to someone like Dr Jho in PA who does minimally invasive surgery to see if at least getting rid of bone spur in neck and making more room with the stenosis would make nerves have less pressure and help but on a phone consult 8 years ago after seeing my MRI he didnt think I was a good candidate, I know people with MRIs like mine have done surgery but docs get nervous when they find out about the fm/cfs cus its not easy to figure out the role that plays and how it might effect success of a surgery.
    I swear though I have to do something, sick of this fragility, just getting bumped by car door or something and then possibly hurting more for weeks, I am still really hurting from that plane ride and debating if should cancel a conference across country in NM later this month cus might be hard to tolerate flight and plus now I am wondering if less skilled people fly the planes these days and will do rough landings that could hurt me, never had that happen before but now a new fear around my spine safety........
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