Atlas Orthogonal adjustment

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  1. herbqueen

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    Has anyone other than Wayne had Atlas Orthogonal adjustment?

    Wayne -If you reading this -would like to know if your doc used a machine like show in the video with Montel Williams? Or if it was all manual? Did they take an xray?
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    Herbqueen - I had an Atlas adjustment about 4 months ago. The chiro did several x-rays beforehand and also several measurements (including angle of my spine (was tilted at an angle), shoulder heights, hip height, weight on each foot etc.)

    I don't know what the machine on Montel Williams was. My chiro did not use a machine for the adjustment, although he did use some machines for various measurements.

    My adjustment held for 3 months, he checked it regularly, said it was unusual that I did not go out of adjustment. Also, all my numbers improved, my spine became much straighter, weight became much more balanced between both feet, and so on. My neck improved a lot - it had been rather stiff (I'd gotten used to it) and hurt if I moved it too far. I was hoping it would improve my overall health, and as to that, I just don't know. My lower back improved also, an unexpected side effect.

    I was supposed to go back for a follow-up in January but due to financial constraints haven't done that. I'll probably go back in a month or so.

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    I had this done for a couple years from about 90-92, I had gone to a trad'l neck cracker briefly before that which severely damaged my neck, my neck wasnt bad til they adjusted it and then the atlas orthogonist helped fix a little bit the damage they did but never got me back to baseline, i have some stenosis and djd etc so messing with my neck was a risky proposition no matter what sort of adjustment,but i didnt know that beforehand as they arent required to do catscans and mri's before chiropractic which I learned can be dangerous and in my case caused apermanent disability, it coincided with when I got fibro and cfs which was probably triggered by a surgery/anesthesia

    anyway, if you know its safe for you to get adjustments, I think the atlas type is the most scientific and helpful, but I came to not be able to tolerate that either due to my neck being so fragile. I initially had to go once a week as it didnt hold and then after a couple years I transitioned to cranial sacral and myofascial work for when I went "out", fortunately it isnt very often anymore, but I never went "out" until a trad'l chiro did those high speed maneuvers on me and after they did that to me a few times in 89-90 I was toast and the atlas person sort of helped clean up some of that mess
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    Yes! I had same bad experience with a chiro. I went for headached, neck spasm and ended up with FMS.. everytimeI went I could not sleep aftewards.. and sleep got worse and worse until I totally stopped sleeping , had severe neck spasm and pain spread throughout my body!!! I will not go to anyone who whips my neck... i'm hoping atlas is a gentle non invasive technique.....
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    It is much better than the high velocity neck cracking. hopefully it will help you. things got so fragile with me though that even a less invasive technique, I mean even cranial sacral or myofascial work, those things could flare me up for weeks too now, if I feel too "out" though, I take the risk of getting that work and put up with the flare as it helps in the long run. the atlas work didnt bother me that much at first but I wasnt as progressed with fm/cfs then, things got more fragile after the initial injury from high velocity chiros, I know what it was, I was in a routine for year and half of doing the atlas type to help fix what the standard chiros messed up but after a year and a half I didnt go back to baseline and I couldnt figure out what to do, I didnt understand at that point that i also had something else going on, like cfs, and I also didnt know how fragile my neck had become, so I went back to a little more aggressive chiro, at network chiro place and that reirritated my whole spine to where I just couldnt tolerate any of it anymore and ever since even massage or myofascial hurts me.