Atlas Profilax didn't stay?/atlas came back out

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amethystorange, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. amethystorange

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    I had atlas profilax done about 6 months ago, due to chronic pains over the last decade, including years of chiropractic promises to "keep my atlas in" to no avail. I chose Atlas Profilax because it indicated "permanent placement" of the atlas. Afterwards, I experienced 3 or 4 days of sheer bliss, which I knew had to do with endorphins, and I was prepared for a resurgence of symptoms, and knew I had to be patient. Boy, have I had a resurgence. TMJ was one of my problems that I was hoping Atlas Profilax would help. It didn't - only got gradually worse. SO I find a TMJ specialist whose credentials include dentistry, but upper cervical as well, among many other things tied into TMJ. (This is orofacial jaw pain for those who don't know).

    So I go to this specialist. He appears honest, and he has no motivation really for lying to me, especially about my atlas.... and he tells me my atlas is indeed out. (I have very misaligned bite as well, which he thinks is the core of the TMJ). Anyway, this was 5 months after my atlas profilax treatment. I thought it was permanent 99.99% of the time, and yet I'm informed that my atlas is out. (It felt like it was out for months, but I just kept telling myself this was part of that "resurgence of symptoms".) Hmm. But I probably was right that first time I suspected it was out, about a month after I had it done.

    Don't know what to think now. Has anybody else had this experience??? Please write, I need to know more.
  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    i thought it was worth a shot, so went to a health expo and had my first treatment. i thought, wow, this works! for a few days i experienced bliss, then, back to same state. went up to another practitioner, a bit of a drive away, and had it done again. yes, it had slipped back out. this treatment didn't help a bit- i experienced no change. and i had spent a fair bit of money by then. so bummer.

    i guess the claims we read are over-inflated. i wish i weren't so gullible at times- but i wanted help and took the gamble. Sascha
  3. jole

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    Hi there....I haven't had this done, but am seriously considering it. There are a lot of people who say it helps a lot...probably no "cure", but I'm willing to try anything for some relief.

    I would imagine it's like anything else...there are good practitioners, and not so good ones. The good ones are harder to find. From what I've read, this is something not everyone can do, even after they've had the training. So I will do lots of homework first, and find one that has a great reputation for success...even if it means driving farther or paying a little more.

    I'm not saying you didn't research, I don't know that. Just saying that all practitioners are not
    "created equal". Wishing us all success in our search for relief.....Jole
  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Amethystorange,

    I posted on the other AP thread entitled, "Atlas Profilax Michael Hane". Thought I'd post my reply here again (below) in case you might miss it on the other thread.

    Regards, Wayne

    I had the Atlas Profilax (AP) done by Michael Hane about two years ago, and found it to be very beneficial. Some things you may not be aware of.

    AP practitioners like to "check" their clients within a few weeks afterward to see if the AP held properly. Michael told me about 10% of people will need another alignment. Of those who do need another one, he said almost all of them don't need another one after that.

    But there can be a lot of variables that can determine whether AP will work for any given person. Michael mentioned that a young boy that he tried to work with just couldn't hold the new alignment, even after three attempts. I believe I remember him mentioning that the boy had had a head injury prior to coming to see him.

    I know a woman who is an avid horseback rider, and she often had her atlas go back out after doing this riding. So she sometimes gets the AP done again, as she's not ready to give up her love of horseback riding.

    I experienced a fall last year that traumatized my back and spinal column, and I've suspected since then that my atlas has gone out again. It seems as long as we wear these human bodies, things can and will go awry. Nothing is perfect, but AP worked far better for me than tons of chiropractic prior to it.

    Any AP "checkups" or follow up care is done without any charge. If you haven't gone back to do this, I would recommend doing so. I wish you the best as you try to resolve this for yourself.

    Best Regards, Wayne

    ETA - I asked Michael Hane if he felt chiropractors know whether an Atlas is in alignment or not. He said that the AP training for determining whether the Atlas is aligned properly appears to use different criteria than what many chiropractors use. He said he has patients be told all the time by their chiropractors that their Atlas is out of alignment (after Michael had adjusted them). I'm mentioning this because I think it would be good to know that an AP practitioner and other health care practitioners often have different viewpoints on this issue.

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