Atlas Profilax Practitioners in CA, FL, ID, MI, OH, UT, VT

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    Hi All,

    I just discovered an updated listing of all the Atlas Profilax practitioners in the US. This <a href="">link</a> will take you to Michael Hane's website which lists all the certified Atlas Profilax practitioners in the U.S.

    I read recently that as many as 75% of people with CFS/FM have a serious neck injury. I've posted extensively on my good results after getting the Atlas Profilax alignment, and have provided links below to some of my threads. Getting my Atlas properly aligned brought significant improvements in my CFS and pain (not FM) symptoms.

    Best, Wayne

    My first thread on Atlas Proflax giving an extensive description of Atlas Profilax and my experience with it:

    <a href="">Atlas Profilax Worked / is Working Very Well for Me</a>.

    A follow up thread on more benefits I experienced from Atlas Profilax:

    <a href="">Cranial Nerves - Vagus Nerve - Digestion - Atlas Profilax</a>.

    A more recent thread started by Lena (username exgolfer):

    <a href="">Atlas Profilax Michael Hane</a>.

    Atlas Profilax search results (posts on this board):

    <a href="">Atlas Profilax search results</a>.

    Best to you if you decide to pursue this.

    Regards, Wayne
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    Wow, this is certainly interesting because my neck hurts constantly and I know I have a degenerative disk there. I am considering surgery (I had the same thing done on my lower back with 95% resolution of pain) but I am going to investigate this also.

    And Ann Arbor is not too terribly far from my home in Michigan, so that may be an omen!

    Thanks for the info.

    Love, Lillie
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    For all your posts on this topic.

    After reading some of those threads a couple months ago I did some research and found that I'm nowhere near any Atlas practitioners, but there is an Upper Cervical Chiropractic clinic (NUCCA) in my city that I first heard about a few years ago (and considered at the time but decided against as it could get costly).

    My understanding is that their aim is similar to what the Atlas people do - gently aligning the upper cervical vertebrae and releasing the pressure on crammed up nerves in that area. Except they use a different technique and unfortunately require repeated follow up treatments, which greatly increases the overall costs.

    But this time I decided to take the plunge anyway. I'm now going every other week, and that should diminish eventually to every few months. But it has been worth the cost so far (several hundred dollars, and on a low income). I noticed an almost immediate lessening of my neck and shoulder stiffness. There has been some increase in energy and metabolism feels better, and now seems to be making a real dent in the low back pain that I've had for years (and has actually my most debilitating symptom).

    Some NUCCA treatments I have actually witnessed in the mirror my overall alignment improve noticeably, like shoulders instantly popping back into alignment, and there has been a lessening of overall tightness in my back and other muscle groups.

    I'd now say it's probably a significant piece of my own particular puzzle.

    So thanks again for the heads up on this approach!

  4. mezombie

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    I'm bookmarking this for when I can actually read and digest it all. I've read some of the information you've posted in the past, Wayne, but not all.

    Unfortunately I don't live near any of the practitioners listed, but I plan to make an appointment with an osteopath and will bring this subject up with him.

    I suspect proper alignment of my neck would help immensely with my migraines and other pain.
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    Wayne, I really appreciate your posting this info. I have been considering going to the one in Ohio this summer, but now that I know there is someone close to home in Ann Arbor, I will definitely give it a try.

    I have followed your posts with interest, especially since I believe the precursor to my CFS was a fall to the back of my head that has caused great neck pain (I developed a respiratory flu the following year from which I never recovered). I have re injured my neck recently, so your posting couldnt be more timely.
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    After reading some of your posts awhile back, I could not find a Profilax practitioner here, so I asked my TCM doc for a referral to the Chiro she goes to for her neck. She is a Chiro who practices Atlas Orthospinology.

    I had a serious closed head injury in a car wreck preceeding my FMS and was actually declared dead at the scene. Later, tests showing plenty of brain damage from this made me one of the very first FMS patients in the USA to win a disability case based on FMS.

    This form of Atlas adjustment uses 3 head x-rays to find the angle and degree of misalignment. Typical Atlas misalignment is 1-3 degrees. My Chiro says she sees about 14,000 patients each year and never sees anything like what I have, which is a 17 degree misalignment of the Atlas to the front and right. This makes sense, since after the accident, the entire back, left side of my head was doubled in size from hematoma.

    I have now had 20 adjustments, for which she uses a Laney machine. It is larger than the one used for Profilax and is attached to a cord. I had to go 3 X week for awhile and am still going twice weekly, due to the severity of my misalignment. My practitoner only moves the Atlas 1/4 of one degree each time, since the movement causes muscle spasm as muscles readjust. I have had some doozies, including pain in my middle back that I never had before.

    After the very first adjustment, I could turn my neck three inches further in each direction! My low back got worse at first, with my painful hip on the short legged side letting go and the glutteal going into spasm, but now I wake up without low back pain most mornings. I used to be bent over by low back pain when I first got up each day.

    I am driving more, and have more energy. I am also taking creatine, so that is probably the main reason for increased energy, but it would not explain why I can drive more without my usual brain overstimulation problems.

    I am hoping my cognitive issues will improve, esp. my lousy memory. My only complaint is the time and cost. It seems the Profilax treatment is much cheaper, and I wish I had heard of it first and found someone near me.

    I watched a video with Michael Hane in which he wondered out loud why Profilax has not caught on more in America. It seems pretty obvious to me. My Chiro does nothing but Atlas adjusting and is making a killing now, but would go out of business if she switched to a procedure that requires only one session at $250.!

  7. Klutzo you said "After the very first adjustment, I could turn my neck three inches further in each direction! My low back got worse at first, with my painful hip on the short legged side letting go and the glutteal going into spasm, but now I wake up without low back pain most mornings. I used to be bent over by low back pain when I first got up each day."

    How can adjusting the neck correct the low back/hip? Just curious as I have terrible pain with the back/hip muscles.
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    Thanks all for your replies,

    Lillieblake - I do hope you explore this Atlas Profilax a bit. If you look at my detailed description in my first thread, I mentioned how a friend with a serious carotid artery problem was able to very safely do the Atlas Profilax alignment, precisely because there is no jarring or whiplash motions of any kind involved. This would seem to be especially important to you considering your degenerative disk, which would not be traumatized. More than likely, it would relieve some pressure. Not saying AP is the best solution for every situation, but to me seems like it could be a safe alternative to a possible surgery.

    Djembe - Congratulations on your success with upper cervical chiropractic. While doing orthogonal chiropractic (upper cervical only) before getting the AP, I received substantial improvement as well. I found that 6-8 weeks was usually the longest I could go without an adjustment. I did this for a number of years, and I believe it's possible I might not have had such instantaneous good results with the AP had I not done this prior to it. Who's to say? Am happy to hear you're getting good relief. I also had my lower back pains clear up considerably after the AP.

    Mezombie - Thanks for your note. I too suspect an atlas alignment could be very helpful for your migraines and assorted pains. Most of my own pain syndromes were helped significantly, from my jaw to my left foot. Was wondering if there might be an upper cervical chiropractor near you who might be able to get you started on getting some relief? Some of these practitioners are very good and can bring significant results.

    Romalaw - Best of luck to you if you do get an AP alignment this summer. For temporary relief, you may want to check out a thread I started entitled <a href="">Bio Cranial Therapy - Major FM Relief Story - AtlasProfilax</a>. A post on that thread entitled "cct - Eye Pain and the Dura - Toe Twirling" gives a reflexology exercise for relieving neck pain. I'll paste part of that post at the end.

    Caledonia - I'll paste from a previous post some of my symptom improvements since getting the AP. It's at the end of this post; if you have any questions about any of these improvements I've experienced, please feel free to ask.

    Klutzo - Thanks for sharing your story. Even though it may not be the most cost effective solution, it does point out that various kinds of upper cervical chiropractic techniques can bring dramatic relief. You know, there's never any guarantees when it comes to addressing some of our health issues, and even though I've benefitted greatly from the AP, it doesn't necessarily mean everyone will get similar results. What I feel makes AP a worthwhile endeavor to follow up on is the fact that it is almost always a one-time alignment, and always a one-time payment, even if a future alignment is needed. And, from my perspective, it is extremely safe. In my case, it brought significant improvements well beyond what upper cervical alone was able to do for me.

    Fibrobutterfly - When first considering that a relationship could exist between a mis-aligned atlas and the lower back, it can seem somewhat implausible. But when one end of the spine is affected by something, the structural balance is always interfered with as the other end can try to compensate or just be aggravated to a degree. My own lower back felt much more stable immediately after my AP, and then much of my lower back pain subsided over the ensuing months. It seems after the pressure from a misaligned atlas is relieved, the other effected areas of the spine can begin to decompress over the ensuing months. It worked that way for me. Best to you if you decide to follow up on this.

    Thanks all for your replies.

    All the Best, Wayne



    In essence, where the big toe connects to the foot corresponds to where the head connects to the neck and torso.

    Hold your left foot steady with your left hand, take hold of your left big toe with your right hand, and then twirl it. Slowly and methodically. You will likely hear and feel various kinds cracking as tension begins to release in the area. I would do it for at least 2-3 minutes, then go to the other foot.

    I did this once for an ongoing very stiff neck that showed no signs of letting up, even after ten days. After twirling each foot for 10-15 minutes one night, my stiff neck was 90% improved when I woke up the next morning. To this day, I twirl each toe in the morning for about a minute as part of my energetic exercise routine.



    Primarily Neurological Symptom Improvements

    Sensory Overload - 25-50%
    Excessive Neuronal Firing - 25-50% (I feel Perque B-12 is very good for this also)
    Anxiety – 25-50% (Didn’t even fully realize my levels of anxiety until they lessened significantly)
    Vertigo / Neurally Mediated Hypotension – 25-50%
    Environmental Illness (EI) / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) – 25-35%
    Cognitive Function / Ability to take make mental notes – 25-35%
    Ability to Organize - 15-20%
    TMJ (Moderate to begin with) - 20%-25%
    Ability to relax – 25-35%
    Severe adrenal exhaustion / dysfunction (which I’m fairly certain is neurological in origin) – approx. 25%
    Sense of Balance – 25-50%
    Sleep – approx. 15-20%

    Primarily Physical Symptom Improvements

    Physical / muscle strength – 25-30%
    Viral overload symptoms – 50-75%
    Digestion – 50%+
    Generalized Pain and Headache reduction - 25-50%
    Detoxification Capabilities – 25-50%

    Postural Corrections, from my neck, down my entire spine to my hips, knees and even feet – I can’t even put a percentage on this – A growing sense of wholeness seems to pervade my entire postural structure. My chest cavity seems to have risen. When I walk these days, I feel like I’m almost gliding.

    Overall energy level – approx. 10-25%
    I feel taller and I am taller by 1/4"-1/2"

    Spiritual/Energetic Improvements of Note

    Overall Sense of Well Being – 25-50% (I especially notice this when I’m walking)
    Greater sense of patience
    Greater sense of rhythm
    Feel less dense, a greater sense of fluidity
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  9. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member


    I've posted a lot on Atlas Profilax to correct atlas misalignment, but I feel I should point out that I'm also posting about the some of the problems that can result from compression of the brain stem and cranial nerves. Atlas Profilax is just one way to possibly relieve some of this pressure, upper cervical chiropractic is another. There are other ways, and depending on the situation, surgical intervention may be indicated.

    The following article is from ImmuneSupport's library of articles and seems appropriate for this thread and this topic. It offers a little more insight into some of the "compression" syndromes some of us may be dealing with. My own personal perspective is that all non-surgical options should be thoroughly explored before proceeding with any kind of surgical intervention.

    <a href="">Decompression of Craniovertebral Stenosis Leads to Improvement in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFIDS) Symptoms</a>.


    The symptoms of Chiari or spinal cord compression may include:

    Headache in the back of the head that may radiate behind the eyes and into the neck and shoulders.
    Disordered eye movements, vision changes.
    Dizziness, autonomic symptoms (orthostatic intolerance, NMH).
    Muscle weakness.
    Unsteady gait.
    Cold, numbness and tingling in the extremities.
    Chronic fatigue.
    Tinnitis (ringing, buzzing or watery sounds in the ears).
    Sleep apnea.
    Speech impairment.
    Hearing loss.
    Gastrointestinal problems, irritable bowel syndrome, frequent urination.
    Lack of gag reflex, difficulty swallowing.
    Symptoms are exacerbated by exertion, and especially by leaning the head backward or coughing.

    Regards, Wayne
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  10. Waynesrhythm

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    Thought I'd give this a bump this morning.
  11. wld285

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    I have been interested in this since you first started posting about it. But what the heck is with the east coast?

    Oops, I do see Vermont.
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  12. exgolfer

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    Hi Wayne, wanted to let you know I am doing good! It has been over 20 months since I had the atlas profilax treatment and today I am back to living. My friend Ann had this treatment 18 months ago and today she is without symptoms. Another friend, John had this treatment one year ago and is doing really well. Not everyone who has had the atlas profilax has responded as well as we have, maybe their fibro has another cause. I wish it worked for everyone it definately is worth trying. Hopefully you will enjoy further improvement.

  13. BethM

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    I was very fortunate about 15 months ago to find a wonderful chiropractor who specializes in upper cervical adjustments. She also does very gentle adjustments on the rest of my spine and my ribs, and hips, etc, but the primary focus is the upper cervical.

    In 1978 I received a lateral whiplash in a car accident, and I believe that is the basis for most of my health issues.

    The upper cervical corrections have made a big difference for me with the fibro and other issues. It's been slow but steady progress, with some steps backward, but generally forward. For awhile, I was seeing her every 6 to 8 weeks, which was a great achievement! I had a setback, and went back to more frequent visits, and am slowly getting better again.

    I'm more and more convinced that help and healing lie more away from conventional western medicine than within it.

  14. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Lena,

    So happy to hear you're still doing well after all this time. It seems you have been able to address most of your core issues with Atlas Profilax (AP).

    As I've posted, AP has been very beneficial for me, but it doesn't appear to have addressed all the core issues I'm dealing with. I seem to have most of the Lyme symptoms that are possible, and these symptoms seem to overlap with a number of other "stealth" infections. I'm currently focusing my attention on addressing these stealth infections using more natural means.

    I do feel the results of my AP are helping me address these other core issues, as many of them revolve around digestion, immune system, and cranial nerve function. I feel all of these improved significantly after having done the AP. This is the main reason I've recommended on some of my posts that people look to correct atlas misalignment before anything else. It feels like sort of a cornerstone which other therapies can build upon.

    Thanks again for checking in. Always good to hear from you, and always good to hear other success stories.

    Kind Regards, Wayne
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  15. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi BethM,

    Thanks for sharing your story. It seems to point out once again just how important it can be to address some of the structural issues that may be contributing to many of our health issues.

    I'm intrigued by your description of your chiropractor who "does very gentle adjustments on the rest of my spine and my ribs, and hips, etc, but the primary focus is the upper cervical." That's sounds great, as our often hyperreactive bodies often seem to do best with gentle therapeutic techniques.

    I think this "gentle approach" is reflected in your last sentence: "I'm more and more convinced that help and healing lie more away from conventional western medicine than within it."

    I've always felt that way myself. Conventional medicine often takes a more aggressive approach to health problems, such as "A war on cancer" or "A war on heart disease". This type of approach often ends up being in conflict with normal body functioning. But everybody has to decide for themselves what is best for them.

    Thanks again for sharing your story. If you have time to briefly describe how your chiropractor does gentle adjustment on your ribs, I would be interested, as it is still a fairly fragile area for me.

    Kind Regards, Wayne

  16. Ginner

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    keeping to read
    thx wayne

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