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    waynerhythem, exgolfer: Just wanted to drop u all a line and to let you know that i have been having better days again,but i have a question and i am curious if either one of you experienced this. My atlas seems to be doing better and my chiropractor has been doing minor adjustments to my lower back i say for the last 3 weeks. It seems that it has moved down to my lower back my chiropractor says its in my s i joints??? I have never really had my fibro to stay in my lower back before. And i was reading both of your old posts and i think you both did experience some sort of lower back pain. I was wondering if this is still part of the atlas cycling or is this something new that has cropped up on me??? I do not want to brag fearing it will come back and bite me, but i am starting to see little improvements so i want to try to stay focused on maybe this could be part of the atlas still at work . I continue to make myself excersise even though i am feeling this pain now in my lower back. anyway monday will be 5 weeks for me.
    thank you for all your support.
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    Hi Crickett,

    Good to hear from you, and am so happy to hear you're starting to have some better days. I'm sure it must feel like a great relief to have things start shifting for the better, though I'm sure the improvements are probably still pretty incremental at this time. Regarding your FM migrating down to your sacroilliac joints, I really don't know what this might mean. But I can offer a conjecture:

    On your first Atlas Profilax thread, both Desertlass and I discussed how various types of toxicity can sometimes collect in some of the weakest areas of our body. I wonder if it's possible that with your lower back improving, it could be throwing off some of this toxicity and is showing up in your sacroilliac joints. Just a hypothesis. Have you tried doing any type of detox baths, such as epsom salts? Whether this would help your SI joint pain or not, these types of baths can be very therapeutic in many ways.

    But I also think this movement of pain could indeed be part of the "atlas cycling", where long held body patterns will likely be continuing to shift for some time to come. I myself expect these types of shifts to continue, probably for years.

    Regarding the exercise, I would recommend caution. Not to at all suggest not to exercise, but to do it very deliberately so as not to aggravate any healing or unwinding processes your body may be going through. I myself baby myself pretty good when going through anything like what you describe.

    Hope some of this helps. Again, am happy to hear that things seem to finally be improving for you.

    Best, Wayne
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    Hi Crickett, I am so happy to hear you are having better days. Before I had the atlas profilax treatment I saw a chiropractor who worked with the sacroiliac joint. I had xrays taken and it proved my left sacroiliac joint was the problem, the right side did all the work. He fitted me with a sacroiliac belt and was told to wear it 24 hours a day. I was to walk 15 minutes 3 times a day with it on and then ice the area for 5 minutes. At first I could barely walk 5 minutes but gradually worked up to 15 minutes. The belt kept the sacroiliac joint stable and made both sides work equally. My whole body was out of alignment causing the right side of my body doing all the work, the main cause was my atlas being out. This chiropractor had the same theory that fibro was caused by a displaced atlas but he didn't have a treatment for getting the atlas in. After I had the atlas profilax treatment I used the sacroiliac joint belt for several months. I didn't wear it 24 hours but wore it when I walked or exercised, I even wore it under my clothes until the pain was gone. It felt good to wear especially when driving in the car. You can find the belt on the web, I used one by Galaxy, I don't think that company is still in business but there are other companies with similiar belts.
    Today I have no pain with my sacroiliac joints.

    I hope you continue to make progress, I remember a girl who after having the atlas profilax she said she had a healing crisis, I didn't know what that was, maybe that is what you are experiencing. Keep us updated on your progress, I care about you.

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    Soooo glad you are feeling better. I hope you continue to improve.

    We were worried there for a while.


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    I went on the web to look at the sacroiliac belt. I found them a little bit pricy.But i remembered having a magnetic back brace and put it on and it seems to be helping . But i wonder if the other sacroiliac belt is the one i should get. I talked to my chiro and he said i had inflamation in my s i joints??? Anyway he had never heard of the belt so i just dropped the subject. the weather has been changing alot and my pain level has increased termendously. So i feel that once again i am at the bottom of the barrel. all my old symptoms are back along with some new pains. So i am hoping that this is just part of the atlas profilax and i keep telling myself its gonna get better. thanks for all the imput crickett
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    Hi Crickett, I remember having new pain in different parts of my body. One week it would be my lower back and the next it would be my ankle, one week I had severe TMJ. My guess is your body is realigning. The sacroiliac belt I used from Galaxy cost about $30 but I don't see it on the web anymore. It fit low on my hips and had 2 large pads that were placed over the sacroiliac joints and you tightened the belt with this velcro that was on it. You had to have it very tight. Hope you will feel better soon.