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  1. steenlynn

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    Hello, my name is Chris and i am new to this board. I have spent hours reading all the info on atlaspro that i can and have set an appointment with an ap certified provider in Mass. for next week. I am excited yet still nervous. I have had fms and chronic cervical strain for the last 15 yrs. Another car accident summer 07 and i have relapsed sooo bad. Elavil no longer working, so surgery p/t, chiro, epidurals,injections, etc and i am desperate.I would love to hear some of your updated experiences, good or bad. Also has anyone seen this provider in Mass.? She was found on AP's website. Thanks so much...i will keep anyone who is interested posted on my progress.
    P.S. Glad to hear you r doing better crickett![This Message was Edited on 11/13/2008]
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    I haven't done it, but am interested in trying it some day. There is a practitioner in the Atlanta area who travels, but I haven't been able to get our schedules to mesh, and I can't afford it right now anyhow.

    Looking forward to hearing about your experiences!
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    Hi chris: my name is crickett and you have probably read some of my old posts on the atlas profilax treatment. I had mine done in blue ash ohio on august the 2nd . I was kind of skeptical at first but after reading all the other posts and going to the chiropractor for 5 years and my chiro kept putting on my chart atlas out of alignment. So i prayed about it alot and said ok i will do it. The treatment itself was not bad . But afterwards i had a hell of a ride for about 2 months and then i noticed little things getting better. But my chiropractor has really noticed a difference. I do have more neck mobility and my lower back does not seem to be out of wack as much. I still do have health problems and it did not cure me . But at least my body is not as bad as it was . So i would have to say go for it. Also my chiro said the sicker you are the longer it takes to get realigned.
    Good Luck crickett
  4. steenlynn

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    Hi crickett! wanted to w/b better than an edit to my post, now that i have a minute...sorry to b rude! Well the atlas apt. is getting closer, and i have spent so many hours researching on the net, my husband wants me to get the darn thing done already! lol During my research,i found that the atlasprofilax method has been banned in Oregon...hmm. wish i could get some more info on this...seems like an uptight chiro board doesnt want to lose patients, but they did state "this dangerous procedure"....or similar statement. Did u feel in any way that this was dangerous?? I know you had a rough road for glad that you are feeling better. Some blogs said procedure was "uncomfortable". was yours?? i am so hyper sensitive to pain as it is. Thanks, steen
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    I know of a couple of people with fibromyalgia who really benefited from this treatment. I tired it myself but it was not helpful for me. I can attest that it is a very safe treatment and worth trying considering the minimal expense. To learn more about it read a post on my website
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    Thanks so much. It was nice to read the post about the atlas procedure on your website darden...and to hear that you had it done also. Sorry it did not work for you. Well my procedure is on Monday, so i will keep you posted on my progress. Will let you know Juloo!
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    Just after I posted, I got an email from Lon Lynch, the AP guy in the southeast US. He said that he was going to be traveling around Florida the week of Nov. 20 in case I wanted to schedule an appointment.

    I can't (not budgeted), but in case anyone else is in Florida, they could try to get on his schedule -- just wanted to post that.

    P.S. NO, I don't work for Lon Lynch, and I have not been a patient of his (yet).
  8. Leaknits

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    You might want to take a look at two posts:
    Dr Whitcomb in trouble! a must read!
    Posted by Doxygirl 11/15/08


    The truth about Paul Whitcomb
    Posted by Dardenburns 11/14/08

    Sometimes it helps to see all sides of an issue...
  9. Juloo

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    Are you saying that Whitcomb claims to be providing Atlas Profilax?
  10. gapsych

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    Dr. Whitcomb charges thousands of dollars for a procedure that is very close to the AP however where AP is "supposed" to work with just one adjustment this other procedure involves the same area of the head. People at his clinic will get this procedure done two or three times per day. With the nice surroundings, getting lots of attention, who would not feel better for a while.

    From what I have read, you should never let a Chiropractor touch anything above the shoulders. People have had strokes from this procedure. Any positive results are most likely from the placebo effect or a coincidence that it was done when a person was going to get better anyway.

    This is especially true with people who like our DD, have an illness that is cyclical.

    Many people end up getting "retuned" after the AP when it is suppose to be a one time procedure.

    I absolutely agree with the previous poster. It is good to research all sides of a treatment, especially one so controversial as the AP.

    If you feel that you need something like that I would go to a doctor such as an orthopedic physician. They may not be able to help you, however what they do is backed by science.

    Take care.
  11. crickett

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    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have been batteling sinus problems . The atlas profilax treatment,was not painful at all . Shoot i have had more pain in the dentist seat having my teeth cleaned. Its the after afects thats what was really hard for me!!! You can expect to feel really bad , but the way i figured was i already felt bad anyway. And as far as my chiro he has been in business for over 37 years and he was very pleased on how my atlas has been staying in . He no longer adjusts my neck. And i do have him check it to make sure if it is still in place . But of course i still have alot of pain but i feel it did help some.
    Good luck i will keep watching.
  12. Juloo

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    Yes, I read one of the articles and understood that he was working in the atlas area (with some tool he adapted from a hardward store!), I just didn't see that he was claiming to do Atlas Profilax, which I understood was very gentle and usually done once (or a small number of times).
  13. steenlynn

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    Hi all, well my alignment was yesterday. I saw Christine, in Mass. She is an RN, acupuncturist and i think some kind of oriental medicine certified. The procedure went very smooth, no pain (i was nervous about that!) I thought i would feel some sort of "aha" moment when C1 was aligned, but there was not. The vibrating tool used (which i never actually saw) was applied to the base of my skull and slight pressure was applied. I was asked to walk around 2x during the procedure (getting a break from the massage). I so wanted to feel something measurable....but all i felt was a little lighheaded and very calm. A strange ( or so i thought) feeling of sinus clearing was probably the most intense reaction.
    Today i feel a little sore where the massage was, but no worse than i do after a p/t visit or a good chiro adjustment. I know the atlas procedure does not want to be compared to a chiro adjustment, but thats how i feel. But a good one! My neck/shoulder pain is still the same...but i know it can take time for crimped nerves to unfurl and heal.
    Since i am fairly new to this board,(but have had fibro/cervical strain for 15 years,) i was not aware that sinus problems are often associated with this dd. On my way home yesterday, i got a call from my oral surgeon. I have been seeing him for the last 2 months for what i thought was severe tooth pain. Neither him nor the endodontist(i went assured i needed a root canal, the pain was so bad) could find anything wrong so the surgeon ordered a sinus catscan and referred me to an ent and prescribed yet another round of antibiotics and zyrtec.
    The call was to inform me the catscan shows i have severely infected upper and lower sinus'! I do not have any symptoms, except the occasional clicking sound in my ears and oh yea, did i mention pain!?! OMG when will this end??
    Today i still feel the clearing i experienced yesterday in my sinus', and have read so much on this board about different causes and treatments. I have bought a nettie pot and plan to order some grapeseed extract, as both of these remedies got great responses from readers. At my ent apt. i plan on asking to have my sinus cultured and ask about yeast being a possible culprit.
    I feel so much more in control of my body by being a member here....knowledge is power!!! Thank God for it and everyone who takes the time to post. Wishing everyone the ability to get some relief....keep trying. Steenlynn
  14. Juloo

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    I'm glad everything today went well, although I'm sorry that you're suffering with sinus problems. Believe me -- I sure do know what that's like. I haven't had as many problems since sinus surgery several years ago, but every once in a while I still have a doozy of an infection. If you have any other 'reactions', let us know!