Atlas Profilax Worked / is Working Very Well for Me

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    Thank you for such important information. This sounds very interesting to me.

    My main problems are in my neck. I've had x-rays/MRI's/CT scans - all only showed a bulging disc and slight arthritis. One Dr told me I have no curve in my neck. He showed me the x-ray, and my neck was very straight. I have terrible posture also. Drs are always yelling at me to improve my posture. I have seen many chiros over the past 5 years. I've had some violent adjustments and a lot of other types of therapies. I even had neck injections a few months ago, which wore off after about a month.

    My question is, would this type of treatment help my problem? I have always agreed with my chiros that all body functions are controlled by the alignment of the spine. After years of having stomach problems, I went to chiro who felt my back and asked me if I had issues with the stomach. He could tell just by feeling my spine. He did something, and I haven't had those issues since.

    My neck is now so stiff that my chiro won't even adjust it anymore - he's too afraid to hurt me. He said it is just too stiff - like concrete. This pain causes daily headaches, dizziness, nausea, ect.

    Is this something very new that most Drs aren't practicing yet? Please let me know - I'm printing this out and taking to my chiro.

    Thank you for any advice in advance.
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    Setting up an appointment . . .

    Hileah is someone that works with Michael Hane.

    Michael just sent an e-mail to me in which he confired that Hileah is a contact person for his practice. So, if you prefer to contact Hileah, Michael says to go ahead and do so.

  3. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Kjade,

    RE: "This pain causes daily headaches, dizziness, nausea, ect. Is this something very new that most Drs aren't practicing yet?"

    The daily headaches, dizziness and nausea that you mention have also been prominent symtpoms of mine for many years as well. Right after having my Atlas Profilax (AP) adjustment, I experienced an intensification of these symtpoms for the first 3-4 days. But then had a couple of good weeks.

    I've experienced more of this again this past week, but it has been a less intense cycle. Just feels like my body is going through a period of healing and I need to take good care of myself to facilitate it all.

    The AP technique was developed in Europe about ten years ago and is much more readily available there. There are only about 7-8 certified practitioners in the U.S. I think their backgrounds are all quite varied. Michael Hane was a massage and cranial/sacral therapist for ten years before he started doing AP.

    If you're interested, there's more specific information on this in the first post of this thread. It was a long post and may be easier to print out.

    Regards, Wayne

  4. Jasmine

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    Hello Wayne,
    I also experienced headache, nausea, body aches, and neck pain on and off for my first four days after my Atlasprofilax treatment with Michael Hane. Thankfully my healing crisis has eased now. How are you doing?

    Sincerely, Jasmine
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    FRI & SAT AUG 24 & 25 9:15AM- EVENING

    $195 for 45 min WITH MICHAEL HANE

    Includes Cranial Sacral release for central nervous system
    and Oneness Blessing for peaceful integration

    Call now; the schedule is rapidly filling up.

    Cindy Ceteras 541-488-3205 9am-9pm

    Previous recipients of Atlasprofilax will be checked for free.
    Michael is son of Ted Hane who offered AtlasProfilax in Ashland in ‘06

    To receive a first-hand understanding of Michael Hane and the
    benefits of Atlasprofilax, please watch the following interview of Michael:

    and then watch the "official" Atlasprofilax video:

    Did you know that the first cervical vertebra - the Atlas - is completely dislocated (luxated) in most humans? And that this circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses, which can definitely be corrected?
    The ATLASPROFILAX® method can and may only be practiced safely by a specialist – an Atlasprof® – who has been educated and certified at the ATLASPROFILAX® Academy Switzerland SA in Sierre/Siders, Valais (Switzerland). Michael Hane is one of only a few practitioners in the USA who is able to 'install' the Atlas in a one time procedure that is non-medicinal and requires no diagnosis.
    Noticeable reactions, which can occur every now and then either immediately after the ATLASPROFILAX® application, or only weeks or even months later, are an indication of the fact that self-healing is in full course.

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    Hi Jasmine,

    Thanks for your inquiry into how I’m doing. It’s been about a week now since this latest cycle of nausea, vertigo and weakness hit me but it is starting to subside some. I really disciplined myself yesterday to do virtually nothing and felt I had a bit more to work with today. Unfortunately, I had to work with a plumber for a while today, and that about did me in for the day.

    It sounds like you’re moving into a new phase after your initial healing crisis. I had a really good couple of weeks after my initial crisis, so maybe you will have a similar experience. I was caught a bit off guard (but not totally) by my latest experience. It just strikes me as a reminder that a person doesn’t get well overnight after being sick for so long.

    Kind regards, Wayne
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    Hi All,

    Just a bit of information regarding the post by tripoli (Cindy Ceteras). I just recently connected with Cindy who also lives in Ashland. She had the AtlasProfilax (AP) done back in 2006 with Michael's father Ted Hane.

    Cindy was interested in having Michael make another trip to Ashland as she feels her Atlas has become misaligned since her treatment in 2006. So she's generously volunteering her time and house to host Michael's visit here in Ashland.

    Though this is described as a one-time treatment, Michael did mention when he was here that there are never any 100% guarantees when dealing with the physical body. I will be interested to see how some of the people that Michael adjusted in July fare with the followup examination.

    Given the above, I'm hoping it is OK with message board rules for Cindy to post her telephone number and e-mail address to facilitate the scheduling for Michael Hane's visit. If anybody might have some reservations or insights about this, perhaps you could let us know.

    Kind regards, Wayne
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    I have double and triple checked on the ap website and it CLEARLY spells the name "MICHAEL HAENE" is is NOT spelled HANE as it is in many of the posts here.

    Someone even posted to me that I mispelled his name......I would like to know exactly what the correct spelling it as the website displays or is the website incorrect.......or is it two different people?

    This is important to me....I want to make sure Iam dealing with the correct Michael Haene?

    Thanks for your help!

    Doxy[This Message was Edited on 08/07/2007]
  9. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Doxygirl,

    I can understand your frustration in not knowing for sure the spelling of Michael's last name. I had a similar problem in the beginning trying to figure it out. It was especially frustrating for me because I have a background in editing.

    What I can say is that most websites referring to him spell it Hane. I have also corresponded with him via e-mail and he himself spells it Hane. That sort of sealed it for me in my mind. It seemed like if anybody would know how to spell his last name, it would be him.

    I feel quite certain also that Michael Haene is an erroneous spelling of Michael Hane, and are not two different people. I have a suspicion that the Haene spelling came from a European spelling of some sort, but I can't say for sure.

    Hope this helps clear things up a bit. In doing some last minute researching on this, I came across a 2 1/2 minute short interview with Michael on Youtube. It can be accessed at:

    Regards, Wayne

  10. heartprints

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    Thought I'd let you know I just had it done as well - today! I'll be happy to share my experience for others. It is basically a massage tool that goes in really deep and I could literally feel my neck shifting. It hurt the whole time but nothing I couldn't handle. It was like when you get a massage and they put too much pressure. Only w/ this treatment you have to accept the pressure to get the atlas to move. Mine moved into place in maybe 10 min or so!!! Was amazed after I could turn my neck up, down, side to side with NO pain!!! I got extremely hungry after and food tasted better than ever. Been pigging out all day. Also extremely tired but it's more of a relaxed muscle, sleep like a baby tired that feels good. I'm on my way to the mattress in a few minutes. For me after the treatment I had dizziness, spaciness, and my body felt so different it was like I was in a different body. Completely different posture. The best part - NO PAIN!! After years of severe chronic pain that was nice! Now tonight after eating I have some jaw pain (had TMJ really bad prior). My hips instantly went square after treatment, my knees felt a rush of blood in them that was so soothing, and my feet feel even/firmly planted on the floor. Will keep you updated in a few days as to the changes I notice. One interesting thing is my husband who does not have FMS/CFS had it done. He does have headaches, upperback and shoulder pain but it's generally mild. After treatment his pain got much WORSE. But he said he can feel his posture shifting and his muscles are reacting causing the pain. We had our treatment done by Troy Roper who lives in Salt Lake City. He is the 7th certified practitioner in the US now. He will travel anywhere if you get a group of 20 people who want it done. He was in my area and will come back in 4-8 weeks to follow up w/ all his patients and see new ones. He and his wife are both body workers w/ lots of experience in chiropractic, massage, accupuncture. They are very nice, down to earth, great to work with. Hope this helps! I'm really glad I did it so far :) Also had my two kids done - ages 7 and 3. They took very well to the treatment. Good luck to the others who've had it and I highly recommend it to others - certainly worth a try!!
    FMS Mom in CA
  11. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Heartprints,

    Congratuations! and thank you for posting your Atlas Profilax experience. It reminds me that I too got really hungry for the first few days after my treatment. Felt like I was really "wolfing" down my food for a while.

    The latest thing I've noticed after having my treatment about five weeks ago now, is that I've begun to sleep better. I usually get about one good night's sleep per month. Well, I've had about 3-4 nights in a row now. That is almost unheard of for me. It is definitely making a difference in my energy levels and concentration.

    I hope you'll keep us posted on your family's progress in the coming days, weeks and months. Thanks again for posting.

    Regards, Wayne
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    trained person who takes a "course" work on my neck. All it takes is one mistake and you can be paralyzed for life. Seems alot better to leave this to doctors who know the human body. Just my opinion but I don't take the use of my arms, legs, etc lightly.
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    Hello Heartprints,
    Thanks for writing about your personal atlasprofilax experience. I had it done 11 days ago but I haven't noticed any improvements yet. I do feel like my body is realigning itself and my lower back pain has worsened since I got it done.

    I'm really glad I got atlasprofilax and can't wait to see some improvements in the near future. It was really quite an experience for me!

    Love, Jasmine
  14. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi All,

    I saw Michael Hane today for my followup visit after having the Atlas Profilax (AP) done on July 9th. It took him just a few seconds to feel confident that my Atlas had indeed locked into place and had not moved since I was in to see him. I had felt as much, but it was nice to hear it from him.

    A friend of mine (with CFS, Environmental Illness, etc) got his Atlas adjusted by Michael last night, and called me fairly early this morning to let me know he had gotten the best night’s sleep he had gotten in years. Said he probably didn’t move an inch all night long. And he was up early this morning doing things he normally couldn’t do. He also felt he was thinking so much better. Besides that, it seemed his whole demeanor had shifted to that of being much more relaxed.

    I met a couple about noon today who were leaving after having gotten their adjustments. I happened to run into them again tonight while I was walking and found their stories to be quite interesting. Both of them had slept twice since I had seen them about noon (unusual). She described experiencing sort of a relaxed, mellow spacey type feeling.

    His story was even more remarkable. I can’t remember the exact specifics, but he had had a problem for years where he would wake up with a choking type of feeling. A special kind of cervical pillow was the only thing that brought him a measure of relief. During his two sleep periods today, he discovered he could sleep without his special pillow and not experience that choking feeling. They both seemed to hardly believe how significant this adjustment has already been for them.

    I asked Michael today if he felt chiropractors know whether an Atlas is in alignment or not. I can’t remember the specifics of his answer, but the jist of it was that the AP training for determining whether the Atlas is aligned properly appears to use different criteria than what many chiropractors use. He said he has patients be told all the time by their chiropractors that their Atlas is out of alignment. I found it interesting that Cindy Ceteras, who is hosting the AP here in Ashland for three days, feels her Chiropractor earlier this spring adjusted her alignment back out of alignment, which necessitated her needing to see Michael again to have it redone.

    I’m mentioning this because I think it would be good to know that an AP practitioner and your personal Chiropractor may have different viewpoints on this issue. If you have a more confidence in the Chiropractic profession to have better perspectives and insights on Atlas alignment, then perhaps the AP is not for you.

    For those that do get the AP, I think it would be good to candidly discuss your treatment with your Chiropractor. Ideally, they will be supportive of the steps you have taken, and be agreeable to your requests that they not adjust your Atlas anymore, even if they think it may need it. If you do think you need it, I would highly recommend going back to your AP practitioner, or a different AP practitioner if desireable, to be rechecked.

    An interesting development today was that a local chiropractor stopped by to briefly talk with Michael to get more insight into AP. She ended believing Michael that her Atlas was out of alignment, and that his method could adjust it in a way that she was not familiar. I have gotten her telephone number, and expect to discuss her AP experience with her at some point.

    There’s much more I could share, but the above felt like some of the more important points to make at ths time. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by having to move at the end of this month, and then preparing for some extended traveling afterward. So this may be my last in-depth post on this for a while.

    Again, my primary goal has been to give you as much information as possible so that you may be able to best determine whether this is the right thing for you to pursue for yourself.

    Whether you’ve posted to this thread or not, regards to all readers who are following this subject.

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  15. Jasmine

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    Hi Wayne,
    I just wanted to thank you for the extensive information you have posted on atlasprofilax. I find it very helpful to read about everyone's personal experience who has had atlasprofilax since I don't personally know anyone who has had it done.

    I did have just one question for you. Have you heard of anyone whose atlas adjustment had moved out of place spontaneously between the initial treatment and the followup? I feel my atlas is still in place and trying to decide if I really need to take a very long drive for follow-up or not.

    Best of luck on your move!

    Sincerely, Jasmine

  16. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Jasmine,

    Thanks for your note. I always appreciate hearing when somebody finds the information I'm posting to be helpful.

    RE: "Have you heard of anyone whose atlas adjustment had moved out of place spontaneously between the initial treatment and the followup?"

    I have heard of a woman who loves horseback riding and found that some of the jarring consistently threw her Atlas out of alignment. I don't know if that would be the case for everybody, but for her and likely others, it was too much.

    I also ran across a website of a woman doing a travelogue about their journies. They met up with Michael Hane once they got to California and she posted the following:

    "After Michael worked on me and Daniel with Trisha and Dean watching, they decided to have it done too. After they experienced it, they called in Dean’s sons who got AP too. Trisha’s didn’t complete somehow even after four tries, and Michael supposed it was because of her head injury in an accident."

    So I'm guessing that any number of combinations of injury, overall health of muscles and ligaments, etc. can affect how well the Atlas will stay positioned in place. It does appear that a large majority of people can expect to have their Atlas stay locked into place indefinitely.

    Thank you for your well wishes.

    Kind regards, Wayne

    P.S. Amazingly, I met another woman this morning who had the AP done yesterday. She mentioned some minor aches in her neck but said she felt she was thinking better. Just before leaving, she mentioned also that she felt taller this morning.

    Michael had 35 appointments over the last three days here in Ashland (pop. approx. 20,000). People who have had it done are apparently telling others of their good results.
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    Thank you all for update. I am keeping to print and read.
  18. Juloo

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    I'll be in Atlanta this winter, so I sent an email to the guy in Georgia -- maybe I can drive down and have a treatment then. I'm interested in this -- aside from all my other complaints, my upper neck is really killing me right now.
  19. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Jasmine,

    I had a chance to talk with Michael tonight and I asked him how many people need another adjustment after coming in for a followup visit.

    He said approx. 90% will be fine, with the remaining 10% needing additional correction. Sometimes the necessary adjustment won't be much, but is enough for people to start noticeing benefits they hadn't noticed earlier. He also said that in almost all instances, the 2nd adjustment will be the only additional one needed.

    This is the case in his practice, but when he has checked people who had the AP done at a health fair, the need for additional adjustment was significantly higher. He himself does not believe health fairs are appropriate venues for the AP.

    Regards, Wayne
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  20. Jasmine

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    Hi Wayne,
    Thanks so much for answering my question about followup. I appreciate you asking Michael about it. This information will definitely help me make a proper decision regarding my future followup visit.

    Best wishes on continued good health.

    Sincerely, Jasmine