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    Wayne, it has been 20 months since having the Atlas Profilax treatment. I am doing good. I have started back to playing golf though I only play 9 holes at a time I am a little scared to push myself too much. My fatigue is gone but I do get tired after a morning of normal living. I do respond to resting, if I rest for 30 to 45 minutes mid day I can get back to living. For 18 months since this treatment I had weekly deep tissue massages. I am now down to every other week, the lady that does the massages says the lumps are gone but I still have tightness along the right side of my spine. I do have functional scoliosis which might cause this tighening. Every morning I do 20 minutes of yoga-type stretching and than a 2 mile walk. I am off the Lorazapam which I took for 6 1/2 years, it allowed me to get some sleep. At one point I was on 300 mg of Effexor and 2 years ago switched to 100 mg of Zoloft. I am trying to get off the Zoloft without withdrawls which is hard to do, I have cut back to 50 mg with not much trouble but this last 50 mg I am taking very slow I don't want to spend not one day of being sick. I believe my CFS was caused by a fall causing a whiplash effect on my neck and C1 about 4 years before I had any symptoms. In xray it shows I have a narrow spinal cord canal so any misalignment of my atlas will cause symptoms. Even after having the atlas profilax done any time I did any sit-ups it would cause inflamation in my neck area and I would get dizzy again. I still don't do any sit-ups. When I had the atlas profilax done I heard that it can take as long as 2 years to recover, I think that is about right. Sometimes there can be other problems that need to be corrected. For me I had to also deal with toxins that had built up. I do dry brushing twice a day do get my lymphatic system pumping. I think massages, walking and some jumping jacks can also help the lympatic system. I feel like I am moving along pretty good. How are you doing? Have you recently seen Michael Hane? Do you think your atlas is still in? I wish this atlas treatment would help everyone but I just don't know. Best regards.


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