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    Just wanted to share with all that i went to ohio and had the atlas profilax treatment done. I was very impressed with Beverly. Although i am not feeling very well right now which i believe that is all part of it . But i am journaling and keeping track of my progress . I do think that it was well worth the expense. Just now it will be a wait and see thing.
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    I have cfs and fibro . I found that beverly was very knowledgeable. And the treatment was nothing compared to going to the chiropractor. I did notice 2 hours after having my atlas done i did have a severe migrane headache. And ever since the follow up treatment i have been feeling very blah . So i do not know if this is from the atlas or if this is just the fibro. I will just keep on writing and keeping notes on what i feel as time goes by. keep me posted if you decide on this treatment.
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    Hi Crickett,

    Regarding your question to me on a separate thread: ""I would like to know if you felt bad after having your atlas put back in??? And if you did how long. I know Beverly told me i would have bad days. But i cannot tell if i am having fibro fog or if it is from the atlas treatment. thanks""

    Crickett, I copied and pasted your above question from the other thread, and thought I would answer it here to help keep some of this discussion together in one place.

    It sounds like you may be going through a doozy of a reaction. I did as well, and described some of my difficult experiences in my initial thread last July. I'll paste it below for your convenience.

    My perspective is that a big reaction such as you're dealing with probably indicates a big shift has occured in your body. It may be uncomfortable, but it should also be a reason for optimism.

    The few days it may take you to find an equilibrium will likely be a small price to pay for eventual symptom improvement of all kinds. I'll look forward to hearing how things progress for you.

    Regards (and congratulations!), Wayne

    P.S. I noticed there are 3 other posts on the board asking the above question. It might be a good idea to go in a delete them, as I will stay in touch on this thread here.


    Because I usually have significant responses to various therapies, I felt I was braced for just about anything. What I didn't expect was to experience the degree of nausea and disorientation I felt the next morning. This was accompanied by an unusual amount of head pain as well. When a carpet cleaning van showed up next door, I felt I couldn't deal with the sensory overload, and decided to go pick up some olive oil I needed for my St. John's Wort wildcrafting project.

    Once I got to the store, I sort of found myself wandering around in a daze. I then remembered that I had only come into the store for one item, and that I should probably go to the aisle where they had it on the shelf. Hey, how's that for deductive reasoning? :)

    Over the rest of the morning, the brain fog, vertigo and disorientation continued unabated. I finally took a homeopathic remedy called nux vomica that helped ease some of the feelings of deep nausea. Though I was surprised by the degree of my reactions, I was not at all concerned. I realized that because I was experiencing the very things I've dealt with for such a long time, that most of these symptoms were probably connected to having my Atlas out of alignment. It was an encouraging and hopeful realization.

    By the early afternoon, I was able get some bits of sleep, and by that evening most of my reactions had improved by 50-75%. Over the next few days, I still noticed some of these reactions would cycle in and out. But the cycling out always seemed to bring new levels of well being and optimism.

    I wanted to describe some of my "challenges" in integrating this new alignment so that for any of you who have this done, it would be good to anticipate that some of your more pronounced CFS/FM symptoms may be exacerbated for a time immediately following your session. It would be best to avoid having to drive long distances or dealing with other kinds of unusual stress afterwards.
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    Hi Crickett.

    I would like to follow you as you journal

    I had gotten Beverlys information form Waynesrhthym and have yet to go.

    Thank you for the post.
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    I would like to ask you waynesrhythem. you said on your most recent post. That you would cycle in and out from pain after having your atlas done. I know its only been 4 days for me. And i have been experiencing extreme head neck and back pain and yes at times really severe?? My question is did it cycle for weeks or just only a few days??? I know from all the website posts i have read alot of the testimones said how great they felt after their treatment. And of course beverly did tell me i would feel worse before i would feel better. My husband ask me tonight he thought my conditon had turn worse since my treatment than what i was before i had it done. I tried to call beverly and ask her about my neck and back how the pain at times feels like its unbearable , and to see if others had infact had this type of healing crises. I know you are not a atlas profilax practioner. but you too have experienced it first hand also. I guess i try to analize my conditon and try to keep optimystic at the same time. hubby said hes afraid i have made myself worse. any imput on your theroy i would be greatly appreciated. thanks crickett
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    Hi Crickett,

    I'm sorry to hear you've been experiencing so much pain since doing the Atlas Profilax. Regarding the cycling I referred to: This was mostly in the first week or so, with the first 3-4 days particularly intense.

    Some of my symptoms were: Really bad headache, especially the first morning; Really intense spaced out feeling, especially the second day; Lots of dizziness, wooziness, nausea; This was helped significantly when I started doing a homeopathic remedy called nux vomica.

    By the beginning of the second week, most of these symptoms had for the most part dissipated. A sense of wellness I had started to notice in the beginning became more pronounced as the uncomfortable reactions began more and more to subside.

    Michael Hane strongly recommends doing complemetary body work as soon after doing the Atlas Profilax as possible. This could include massage, cranial sacral, perhaps acupuncture, etc. My take on this recommendation is that our body's rhythms have become disrupted from what they've been for many years, and anything that can get things to settle down and begin to harmonize would be helpful.

    In my case, I believe I had significant compression of my cranial nerves, and a whole new nerve flow dynamic emerged once it was released. This was fairly uncomfortable, as I tried to keep abreast of the changes going on in my body. At one time I felt as if a million little nano-technicians were working hard on my brain and spinal cord, furiously attempting to repair synaptic functions that had been so crimped for so long.

    I would recommend trying to get hold of Beverly again to discuss some of your reactions. It seems she may be hard to get hold of, and if that's the case, I would recommend calling Michael Hane (760-808-0359). I'm sure he would be happy to talk to you with you, and could quite likely alay some of your concerns. He has a very calming, kind manner I think you would appreciate.

    I think it's appropriate to be concerned about some of your reactions, but my best guess is that you're probably having an unusually strong reaction. It seems this is the case in about 10% of those who do the AP. I would think this type of reaction is a reflection of how much release there has been in your body.

    I'll keep a look out for any further concerns you may have and will try to answer them the best I can. Hopefully, things will start to improve for you soon.

    Best, Wayne
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    Hi Crickett,

    I've been thinking about you and hoping that perhaps things have improved for you. Just wanted to check in.

    Regards, Wayne
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    waynesrhythem: I am having a terrible time. My fibro pain has increased along with the debilitating headaches and pain at the back of my head where the machine was used. I am experiencing some nausea at times. I called and talked to beverly and she said that maybe i was still detoxing ??? She did tell me to keep documenting which i have been. I rode with my husband in the truck today for the 1st time and felt as if i was not going to make the short trip to the health food store. My right side of my head hurts alot. Tommrow will be 1 week. I have been using ice on the back of my head to help with headaches.OH please tell me this is going to get better!!! Have you ever heard of anyone get worse from having this treatment??? I was in better shape before i had this treatment,but i am praying for a miracle to at least get me back to treading water again. any advice i sure would appreciate it . thanks crickett
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    Hi Crickett,

    I was hoping to hear that things had gotten better for you, but it seems you're in almost a min-shock mode.

    When I need to get myself grounded after any kind of a shock or mini-shock to my system, I try to draw on some things that have helped me over the years. Just some of them include:

    1) Increasing my intake of freeze dried calcium magnesium. I use a product made by a company called A to B Calm. The product is freeze dried calcium magnesium. It works better for relaxing muscle tightness and spasm and various pain syndromes than any other supplement I've ever tried.

    2) Doing a relaxing epsom salts bath. Here again, the body can absorb magnesium, in this case from the bath water which allows it to go into more of a relaxation mode.

    3) Doing various polarity/energetic exercises to help balance disrupted energy fields. In your case it would be around the area where the tool was placed up again the atlas.

    4) Doing a micro-current therapy. I just got a device called Alpha Stim that has allowed me to short circuit various shocks to my body. I had to do some work for about 20 minutes on a hot day recently, and found myself going into a familiar headache pattern that can sometimes last for days. After doing the Alpha Stim therapy, I was able to fall asleep and wake up with the headache completely gone.

    I realize you're likely unable to do all of the above four things I just mentioned. I would hope however, that these examples might serve as a catalyst for you to think of things you may be aware of that has allowed you to modify shock and stress in your body in the past. Perhaps massage, or some stretching or yoga exercises, perhaps a day of light eating; anything that might shift things for you.

    If you're still dealing with this tomorrow, I might give Michael Hane a call and see if he might have some suggestions that may be helpful for you. I wouldn't guess the main issue is detoxification, but more one of your body struggling to adjust to a new alignment. I suppose it's possible that your atlas has not stayed in alignment. I think it might be good for you to get your followup exam if it's at all possible for you to do at this time.

    I'll check back tomorrow again and see how things are going for you.

    Best, Wayne
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    waynesrhythem; I am so glad that you are talking to me as i go through this. Today i awaken to extreme pain again followed by nausea. I have been taking ebsont salt baths in the evening. My body however is responding like constant raident pain to where i cannot hardly function. I do not have the alpha stim 100 . I only have a tens unit. I do not think i could even make a trip to see beverly. I could not handle the ride. I do not think i could handle anyone to even touch me right now the pain is so bad . I will call michal hanes to see what he has to say . Surely i am not the only 1 to experience something this bad. I will let you know what he says. thanks crickett
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    waynesrhythem: I called michael hanes and he did call me back and said that i probably was having major affects from the atlas trying to adjust. He told me to do stretches and to hang in there. he assured me that the treatment would not kill me , even though i feel that bad. I told him that you were being a support for me going thru this . He told me that he would call me in a week to see how i am doing. I just wanted to know did any of these after afects stay with you since your treatment. Lord i need all the prayers i can to get thru this.
    thanks crickett
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    Hi Crickett,

    I'm glad to hear you called Michael. It sounds like you may have gotten at least a bit of reassurance from him. Even though I think his reassurance is warranted, I do suspect he may not fully understand how people with CFS/FM can have their neurological systems significantly effected so easily.

    RE: "I just wanted to know did any of these after afects stay with you since your treatment. Lord i need all the prayers i can to get thru this."

    Thankfully, most of my major reactions (which were actually quite similar to yours) mostly dissipated by the end of the first week. I was thinking back this morning about some of the other things I did to get myself back on track. Two more things that were particularly helpful were:

    1) Rubbing an arnica gel (homeopathic remedy for trauma) directly onto my neck area. I remember it helped considerably.

    2) Taking nux vomica tablets (another homeopathic remedy). I remember it helping considerably with the nausea and the some of the vertigo/dizziness.

    I probably also worked on some reflexology points correlating to the head and neck. The big toe (for the head), and the area where the big toe connects to the foot (for the neck). Rub around in those areas and you will likely find some very sore spots.

    Massaging these points will often begin to work out some of the tenderness and hopefully allow the neck and head to get more nerve energy flowing to bring some harmony back. Twirling the big toe can also be very effective in breaking up tension in the neck. I myself have had some pretty dramatic results from doing this type of reflexology.

    I think it's also possible I did some nervine herbs like valarian or kava kava to try to settle down my whole neurological system.

    If you can't get to a health food store, it might be good to see if somebody else can pick up the two homeopathic remedies. They really did help me a lot. I think the key right now is to see what might work to disrupt the current neurological pattern that's been going on and can't seem to get settled down.

    I'll keep checking back with you on all this. I feel it's likely this will break pretty soon, and you can start to experience some steady progress.

    All the best, Wayne

    P.S. Also, if there's any way you could get some A to B Calm freeze dried calcium/magnesium, I think it could really help a lot. Regular tablets don't even come close to what the freeze dried poweder can do.
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    Hi Cjcookie,

    Atlas Profilax is a non-chiropractic, non-medical alignment of the atlas (uppermost cervical vertebra). Atlas Profilax practitioners get specialized training and certification to do this work. It originated in Switzerland back in the 90's, and is fairly widely known in Europe. There are only a handful of practitioners in the U.S. at this time. Some are professional medical people (such as chiropractors), but some are massage therapists, acupuncturists, cranial sacral therapists, etc.

    I have posted fairly extensively on this board about my own positive experience with AP. A thread I started recently has links to some of my most important threads, which contain a lot of information and descriptions of some health improvements I've noticed since having it done last July 9, 2007. It can be accessed at the following link:

    <a href="">Atlas Profilax Practitioners in CA, FL, ID, MI, OH, UT, VT</a>

    There's an element of controversy associated with AP. Some Chiropractor State Boards feel this is infringing in their territory and are unhappy about it. In the Chiropractic profession, some seemed to be concerned about a therapy that claims to do a one-time alignment to correct most atlas misalignments. Others are sincerely interested in whether it is something that may be of benefit to their patients.

    As with all controversies, it's always good to do research to see if it's an appropriate avenue for anyone with an interest to pursue. After my own initial difficult reactions, I have noticed many significant benefits.

    Regards, Wayne
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    waynesrhythem; Where did you find the freeze dried calcium magnizum at just incase my health food store does not carry it. I will try the kava that has helped me some in the past. And i agree with you i do not think they even have a clue as to how the cfs and fm affect our neurological conditons. I have been drinking sage tea to help calm down the nausea. But i am still having severe dizziness and the vertigo symptoms. Did the vertigo and dizziness go away after time. I think that does bother me alot,I feel like that is what is keeping me home bound along with the pain. after drinking 4 cups of herbal tea i was able to do a little of my paliates. thank you so much for being there for me , it helps to know someone understands what we are going thru.
    thanks crickett
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    Hi Crickett,

    Just a quick note tonight to see if perhaps you are noticing any improvement at all. RE: "did the vertigo and dizziness go away after time?"

    I seem to remember it was mostly gone after the first week. But I feel I was fortunate to have found the nux vomica homeopathic remedy that helped a lot. It could very likely have hung on longer except for that.

    A friend of mine who had this done mentioned afterwards that it felt like she had just gotten an operation and was now recovering from it. She thought it was sort of an odd perspective, since she had never had an operation.

    It does give an idea though of how some people can be so affected by the AP. My own perspective is that it's likely the more affected we are by the procedure, the more affected we were by the dislocation we lived with for so many years.

    As difficult as it was for me after getting my adjustment, I was pretty clear early on that a major obstacle had just been addressed, and that my major reactions were an indication of how impacted I had been for a very long time. Fortunately, it proved to be the case for me.

    Thinking of you and wishing you the best as you make your way through this difficult period.

    Kind Regards, Wayne

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    Waynesrhythem: Just wanted to touch base with you and to tell you that i am still hanging in there. I called around and nobody has heard of the freeze dried magneizum,calicum or the other homeopathic for vertigo and dizziness. Today was the 1st day the pain was very minimum but the dizziness and vertigo symptom were still terrible. I have been having to take valium just to try to keep my scrupples. I also have been dealing with anxiety issues. I tried driving to the store today. But i started getting dizzy and feeling the vertigo symptoms really bad that upset me . I called my chiropractor and he said that sounds like my atlas could be causing my problems??? Anyway beverly called me from ohio and checked on me and told me to continue to hang in there and to keep journeling.I just do not want to become a hermit.I read where you said your symptoms got better. Lord i keep on praying for mine to get better. Also did you kind of go on a emotional rollercoaster at times.??? Anyway Thank you so much for keeping in touch with me. I will keep you posted on any changes.
    Thanks crickett
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    wayne; iwoke up this morning and could not even lay on my left side my neck and shoulder were really bothering me this morning.Still batteling with neck stiffness also . I am going to see my chiropractor this afternoon to let him do the cranial sacral on me . But i am having my mother drive me cause of the dizziness and vertigo symptoms and to see what he can give me to help with the symptoms. I will touch base and let you know what he says.
    thanks crickett
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    My Chiro has an Atlas adjustment only practice and it's very busy. She uses a different machine than the Profilax one, called a Laney machine.

    She told me it is not good to move the Atlas more than 1/4 of one degree per adjustment, because all the muscles, nerves, etc. have to get used to the realignment, and the symptoms can be too hard to take if it's moved more than that at one time. I had new pains just from the 1/4 of a degree adjustments.

    She does a series of 3 x-rays to find out how far out of alignment the Atlas is in each person. Most people are between one and three degrees off. I was seventeen degrees out of alignment, which is almost unheard of, and which would have required 68 adjustments!

    I quit after 28 of them, having felt no better, and feeling the cost was too much. I also talked to a Chiro I know in another state, who told me that many adjustments is "not treatment but practice building".

    I also read the skeptical Chiro Board online, where Atlas procedures are in the scam section, and the retired Chiros there will explain why they consider it to be so. I feel I was taken, and that the speed bump in the parking lot on the way out of the Chiro's office moved my neck more than the treatment, but that is just my opinion.

    I don't know what is the truth here, but if the treatment is legit and did what it is purported to do, then I do wonder after reading this thread if having the Atlas put all the way back in place at one time was not too much for you. Maybe you were much further out of alignment than Wayne was. Witout x-rays there is no way to know.

    I sure hope you feel better soon. I'd bet a nice gentle massage would help a lot.

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    waynesrhythem; Went to the chiropractor yesterday. He did some cranial massage work on my neck. He told me that my atls was showing to him that my right side was up and my left side was lower. He tried to adjust my ears to help me with my vertigo and dizziness. Unfortunalty it did not help he did give me a homeopathic med to try for the vertigo,so i will give it a try. Today i just feel really down in the dumps . I still hurt. Just want to notice something.
    thanks crickett