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    Just wanted to drop a line. Tommrow will be 3 weeks and i have yet to see any improvements. Actually i can tell alot of things have been just the opposite for me. So i hope i am still cycling . Today was just a horrible day. I have noticed that i have to take a 1/2 of valium especially when i go somewhere now ?? I did not have to depend on it near as much as i do now. Also my constipation issues have gotten worse??? But i do not have the severe pain that i used to have where the ezekial valve is ??? I hope that things will change soon , I keep on journeling . Any feed back would greatly be appreciated. Also i wanted to know if anyone else who has had their atlas done did they also deal with hypoglycemia problems , and if they did improve any other than their diet. Can't hurt a girl for trying to dream. Also i have noticed that my chemical sensitivity has gotton worse. I use to be able to go into more stores than i use to and i have noticed that has gotten worse.
    thanks crickett
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    How are you doing?

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    Hi Crickett,

    I'm not sure about AP as my chiro couldn't find anything about it but I have discontinued chiropractic treatment as it made me worse. (I originally went after I sprained my neck but she tried to treat my back problems that stem from FM and ME)

    I'm in the UK and although my chiro was very nice she didn't realise that she should have treated me more fact she REFUSED to treat me more gently saying she wouldn't be doing her job properly.

    I found the trigger point pressure she applied made me flare badly and since I have stopped going I'm not having the acute flares in the areas where she treated me (hips especially).

    I know AP is supposed to be gentle but I agree with others that it could have stirred up some toxins which have made you feel worse.

    I hope you feel better soon.

    Love Bunchy x
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    You can go to consciousmedianetwork and look in their interview archives for Michael Hane, and watch the video where he explains all about Atlas Profilax.

  5. gapsych

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    It's been three days since we have heard from you.

    If you are too sick to write do not worry and focus on feeling better.

    When you are up to it, let us know how you are doing.

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    gapsych: HI i am still here and still batteling the roller coaster ride. I am still having some sort of cycling. I am afraid to say it has moved from my neck down to my lower back . I am still experiecing some vision problems, along with some emotional hormone issues, and the usual ibs problems. So even though i am not better i am at least able to tread water again. I have been out driving these last 2 days. Tommrow i see my chiro and i will ask him to check and see how my atlas is and discuss my lower back. I am not to sure if the atlas plays a part in the chemical sensitivites though. But thank you so much for checking in on me. thanks crickett