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    Does anyone know anything that increases atp i only know of d-ribose but that not doing anything for me

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    Hi there,

    I see you are in the UK - I am in Cheltenham and my daughter now 22 had ME at 15... I have been been researching ME extensively to the point of doing a course on nutrition - this has been very much a journey of self help!

    ATP production will happen if oxygen can enter the cell, it`s oxygen and nutrient deficiency that causes the fatigue. In short the cells outer membrane has hardened with cholesterol and the cytoplasm within becomes toxic, so cellular respiration winds down with devastating effect!

    Is it possible for you to see a nutritionist?

    I am live on radio at the BBC (radio Gloucestershire) next week on thursday between 12pm and 1pm to talk about living with ME, the lack of help from the medical profession and how my daughter recovered... I`ve sent the link below if you have access and would like to listen to our story.

    My best wishes to you,

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    But I have started Mitochondria Ignite with NT factor. It is sold at this site which means they would mail it to you. It is patented. It is one the top sellers here. And Garth Nicholson has done a study with it.

    It is not a cure (OF COURSE)but raises the energy level in a percentage of patients.

    You can take one, two or three capsules three times a day. I started with two but felt sort of "wired" so I take one tablet three times a day.

    For me it is really, really good stuff but I have spent some years addressing the viral situation and I wonder if it works better that way. Some people have felt very from taking it.


    STIGZE New Member

    Thanks 2 u both hope u read this message how do u increase your oxygen intake ?

    STIGZE New Member

    Which radio station will it be on thanks!
  6. PatPalmer

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    First of all you need to adjust to a healthy diet - one free of all processed wheat and sugars as these clog up and add to a toxic system.
    If you can basically stick to eating a variety of what comes naturally you cant go wrong.

    Take these these supplements with food daily:-
    1 tbsp Flaxseed Oil
    1 tsp Lecithin
    3 caps or 1 tsp Spirulina

    A product called Cellfood (up to 20 drops daily) will zap oxygen and minerals into the cells, once you have been on the Oils for a few weeks...

    Radio Gloucestershire which I think you`ll find on 1413 AM
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    Have you seen the article "Heart Disease Secondary to Mitochondrial Malfunction"? It describes what happens with lack of ATP and what you can do to increase it. And it mentions d-ribose, acetyl l carnitine, coq10 (oil based one), and magnesium (glycinate, taurate or malate would be good ones). I also take nadh with all these and it's made my energy increase by leaps and bounds. Just the ribose may not be enough. Here's the article:

    good luck,

  8. spacee

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    I also take all those supplements that have been mentioned. But for me the mitochondria ignite has been the biggie. It haas some cartine in it.

    I can't tell that the D-Ribose does that much for ME...knowing that we are all different. That is as far as energy. I think that it is helping my heart to not do flipflops during the day.

    After taking Immune Transfer C, I could exercise more. I guess that is what is getting the oxygen into the cells.

    Diet: I am finding that I may want all protein meals one day and then all raw veggies the next. I just go by what I feel like.

    Wanted to mention that Dr. Cheney thinks that D-Ribose is toxic for some people. Don't know why. Was told yesterday that the makers of CORvalen brand of D-Ribose is "backed up on their orders so it seems to be really catching on.

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