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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bluemyra, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. bluemyra

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    Has anyone on the west coast of the United States sent a blood draw to Dr. Sarah Myhill (Wales) for the ATP Profile Test? I am having difficulty locating a delivery system (postal service, Fed Ex, & UPS) that will guarantee delivery to the labs in the United Kingdom within the required time. If so, how did you accomplish this? Also, does anyone know of a lab in the U.S. that can perform the same type of evaluation of the mitochondria? Thank you very much. I appreciate your replies on my behalf. bluemyra
  2. consuegra

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    I have sent blood samples from Minnesota a number of times to this lab. They have gotten there in different amounts of time, but each time the blood has been acceptable to John McClaren Howard at Acumen. Acumen is all the way down in Cornwall so it is not exactly like sending it to London. I use Fedex. It is very important to get the address from Dr. Howard for international shipments. You cannot send Fedex to a P.O. box on an international shipment. I think it is best to email Dr. Howard and let him know what you want to do.

  3. SnooZQ

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    I think that's the name of the delivery service, pretty big in Europe anyway, w/some presence in the USA also. Not sure if they go the UK, but worth a phone call if your other options don't pan out.

    I imagine you might need refrig transport?

  4. hermitlady

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    I've been having a lot of mito related testing done thru Quest Labs. I think they have sent some things out to other labs when they aren't able to run them. I'm waiting for a bunch of results, but when I get them I'll check where they were sent. I'm in So Ca.
  5. bluemyra

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    Thank you very much, Chris, for your helpful information. I will follow-up on your recommendations. I hope that you are experiencing improvement with Dr. Myhill's specialized treatment program for you. Her theories sound so logical, so I am very hopeful that this proves to be of immense help for many CFS patients. bluemyra
  6. bluemyra

    bluemyra Member

    Thank you, BW, for your reply to my message. I will be following up on investigating the method of getting blood draws to Dr. Myhill. I appreciate your response on my behalf. bluemyra
  7. bluemyra

    bluemyra Member

    Thank you very much, hermitlady, for your reply to my message. I will check with Quest Labs, as there is one located very close to our house. I appreciate your time and effort in replying. I wish you well in your recovery from this blame illness. bluemyra

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