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    Sue posted this before:

    exercise 11/15/02 06:01 AM

    The only way I was able to start exercising again was with ATP, and other supplements and sleeping good with melatonin. And changing my diet
    I did start out slow, doing stretches, some walking.
    I graduated to a yoga class
    and now do aerobics and weight training I'm doing more than I've ever done with this illness. I can tell ya that the hormones we get from exercising, think it's dopamine, makes you feel happy, and I rarely feel blue.

    Does anyone know anything about taking ATP. Where do you get it? What does it do? Has anyone had any experience with it?


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    I bought it in a GNC store many yrs ago. I don't even know if they still sell it. All it did was make me very drowsy. I slept well on it but it made me tired all day. I have no idea why I had that reaction to it. I haven't tried it since then.
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    seans, I just signed on today to this board, Hi. When I got progressively worse at first from FMS, I went to a Chiropractor,who did x-rays and a hair-analasis. He put me on MEGAdoses of minerals and vitamins, and a product called ATP-PLUS, or Magnesium Hydroxide and MALIC ACID. The two work together. No, I'm not sure what it does, I forget. I think if you go to a health food store, someone would be able to help you. Happy New Year! I'm Proud of you and your work-out regime!
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    You can buy the things mentioned above at the store on this site. Just go to the top of the page and click on Store. Then you can look till your heart's content. One thing I like about it is it directs you to articles about the benefits of each supplement so you can read about it and decide what you want to try.

    I've done that and found it very helpful. Then I went ahead and ordered it here. The supplements at this site are high quality and the prices are great, especially if you go for the Discount Shopper Program. You may want to try something out first before going to that because it means you will receive the item on a regular basis.

    A lot of people take ProEnergy , which is a combination of Malic Acid and magnesium. I recommend that you read about the supplements you think you are interested in and then you will probably be cross-referenced to some others. That way you get a really good overview of what's available and why.

    Good luck.