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    hi bexintex,

    just a quick reply as I'm heading to bed now - I had a mitochondrial function test which showed I cannot produce enough ATP.

    Had the test through Dr Myhill here in the UK. Google and you can find her. I tried Ribose but it didn't help, I may have been allergic to it though.

    Best wishes
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    Had a Dr. appointment today and will be having another one in 6 weeks I am taking ATP -20 twice a day and the explanation was that my energy results level was 25.4 my Dr. told me most people should have at least 50 hers is 84. What that is, is the amount of energy your body is allowing you muscles to absorb and produce part of my CFS is exactly that I don't have any energy and if you could believe that last year I was in Costa Rica flying through the trees with the monkeys (I was attached to a cable of course) but just the thought that last year I was doing that and this year I can barely lift a gallon of milk is really depressing. Anyway she has me on ATP-20 twice a day to see if we can bring it back to at least 30 at first and then do a blood test and go from there. I hope that's what you were asking. If not, well now you know LOL.

    My very best to you.


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