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    hi ,
    I just looked up your profile and have to tell you my birthday is also Dec 20th and I"m 61 yrs old.
    I"m glad your kids are standing with you, mine seem to think that a pill can solve everything and if it doesn't then it must be in a persons head.
    I try to keep moving also but just don"t have much strenght anymore I love going to walmarts good thing they have benches so I can sit down every now and then. Plus their parking lot is so big its had for me to walk that far to get in the door.I tried for ssi yrs ago but was turned down and don"t even know how to get a haddicap sticker. I don"t hang at the Drs very much I only go for my yearly check up and I haven"t even told this DR that I have fibro I can"t take that look they all get on their face when they hear that. I"ve notice The Drs treatyou different once you get older.well have a good day and Happy st patricks day. sixtyslady

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