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    Hi Mary,
    Just checking in to see how you are doing. How is H recovering? Dare I say it - I feel good...manged to have a good weekend and still feel great. Let's hope it continues!

    Check in when you can!
  2. getfitat40

    getfitat40 New Member

    It just stinks that H is having so many complications this time from surgery. One of my staff just got back from medical due to having her knee replaced - they did one about 1 1/2 years ago and she was out 3 months. This time they expected her to be out 6 weeks because they were doing a less invasive surgery. It was worse not better - I guess you can never predict how the body reacts to anything.

    I am glad that my feeling good helped perk you if we could get both of us (all 3 of us) feeling good at the same time life would be good. I wish you good vibes.

    No news on K - talked to sis but K was home so she couldn't fill me in. I managed to ask if it went well and sis said no and she has to do it again - whatever that means. I am going to Michigan on the Saturday after Thanksgiving (I have to work on Friday morning so I am having my brother's family to my house). I hope while I am there that I can have some 1 on 1 with K.

    I can't imagine other posters not getting good advice from you - it seems that this board goes up and down and gets wierd from time to time. You are really the only person that I keep in touch with. Take care and I hope that your getting out of the house has helped you! Nancy

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