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  1. karen55

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    I made the decision last night that no matter how bad I was feeling today, I was going to start some form of exercise again. Waited until I was up for a couple hours, had taken Lortab and Soma already, spent 15 minutes stretching before I made the attempt. I walked 20 minutes on the treadmill at what I consider to be a slow pace (started @ 1.5 MPH, and got up to 3.0 MPH). I had to force myself to continue after the first 10 minutes because my hips and lower back were hurting so much, but I pushed on.
    I guess this is one of my ways of *fighting back*. I used to work out regularly and I was always active. My normal treadmill routine was a 5-10 minute warmup (after stretching) and walking at 45 minutes to an hour at 4.2-4.5 MPH, and using the incline), then 5-10 minute cooldown. I did this at least 4 times a week. At this point I can't see ever getting back up to that.
    I'm going to try a little upper body (light) free weights tomorrow, and maybe a little work on the balance ball. As much as I hurt, I am so disgusted when I see how much muscle tone I've lost, and how little muscle strength I have right now.
    I'm hurting like he** right now but I feel like I have to do SOMEthing.

  2. cyberamy

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    I wasw the exact same way (exercised alot)and I am totally disgusted when I look at my flab.You have inspired me to get back on my treadmill.(maybe tomorow)LOL
    P.S. I also take Lortab and Soma Good luck on the exercise,
    take care,

    LITEFLAMES New Member

    dear Karen,
    Good for you Girl!!!!! Dito on this front ,I also worked out 5 day's a week for yr's i have a whole Gym down stair's, 4 yr's ago this DD, Got so bad , I'd do a few stit up's Id bee down for day's, I do water theraphy ,And did yoga ,Last yr before i had to give up mt bissness, Well the Dr just said i could start doing low inpact, So I'm starting tomorrow , you sounded just like i fill,,,So let's keep track of each others progress Plus perphpes,, help each other when we fill we can't go on,,,,,
    Cindy Green
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  4. sb439

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    ... before you do exercise when you've got CFS. With FM the tolerance for exercise seems to be greater, but if you have CFIDS, and are pretty low, doing exercise can set you back for weeks in your recovery, if you don't build it up veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly.
    (speaking from painful experience.)
  5. Kathryn

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    In 1990, when my symptoms first became noticeable, and I was still ignorant enough to believe I was just experiencing a slow recovery from my first accident, I ran, lifted weights, and had one horse in training for endurance and another for barrel racing. My body fat, as measured by the Navy, was 11. Normal for a 40+ female is in the mid 20s. Last week I hired a teenager to do the first ever ride on my grandson's POA, and while she was here, I asked her to try out my mare that hadn't been ridden in nearly 2 years. Not one attempt at bucking from either, so as soon as the monsoon goes away again I am going to start riding again. Just nice gentle rides, not very far at first, to get my confidence back up. I am NOT going to let this beat me!
  6. tandy

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    Please just do a little at a time!! I have the 24th of this month picked as a start date too.I'm gonna try the exersize ball that comes with a video.From what I understand its very mild stretching and toning,using a big ball.(they use them in PT) I hope I can stick it out too.
    Like you,I WAS a big time exersize fanatic years ago~
    Id exersize sometimes twice a day for an hr each time!!! (had the buff body!!key word; Good luck,you can do it if your careful and go slow.Let us know how your improving with it~
    Take care,
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good for you. Exercise is vital for us, but it's important to go slowly and not push too hard.

    Love, Mikie
  8. karen55

    karen55 New Member

    Exactly why I didn't do the balance ball or weights today. Figured the treadmill was enough of a shock. LOL

    Tandy, the first time I ever used a ball was in physical therapy. I have one of each size at home. If all you use it for is stretching, they are very good for that.

    I HAVE to get back in shape. If nothing else, I will feel stronger. And I know I can't compare what I used to be able to do, to what I can do now. There IS no comparison, but I'll be OK with that. I think I'm trying to prove to myself that feeling awful isn't an *excuse* I'm using. Does that make any sense? It just seems like NOT being able to do things becomes the routine, rather than doing things being the routine.

    Repeat after me: I refuse to let this run my life; I refuse to let this run my life; I refuse to let this run my life; I refuse to let this run my life.....


  9. camelgirl

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    Obviously all of us are very different in what we can and can't tolerate physically, but I think that maintaining whatever muscle mass we might still have is crucial. IMHO, life is made up of trade offs. Maybe exercise will put you in bed for a little while, but isn't that better than letting yourself waste away. I did the New Year's resolution thing and started working out then. Sometimes I only get in the gym once a week, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something. I believe it is as good, if not better for your mental health as it is for your physical health. I just try to listen to my body and not push myself too hard. Nobody knows your body better than you!
    God Bless and happy treadmilling:), Dena
  10. fibolady

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    i find that stretching everyday is a must. one good tip that helped with the hip pain is to never do any leg lifts with your legs "straight out", as i was taught.

    also, walking is great for us fmsers. don't despair if you can't walk to the mailbox and back, i was at this point last spring but forced myself to start, like you i was fed up with not being able to do anything. now i walk 3 or 4 times a walk, weather permitting. if i miss a week, i just pick back up.

  11. TerriM

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    Definitely take it slow . . . I read that exercise is good for FM, but can be harmful for those with CFS . . . I think it may have been an article by Dr. Cheney or possibly Dr. Lapp, but they said aerobic activities can be harmful. I'm not sure if this is true, but please be careful. I like many of you used to work out at the gym (3 days per week) two years ago, but for the past year and a half haven't been able to do a sit up . . . when I try I get so dizzy for hours that all I can do is lay in bed. The dizziness for me is just terrible . . . I read that cytokines in the blood make you feel that way (like when you are getting the flu) . . . Take care, go slow & best of luck with your treadmilling! I hope I can get back on mine one of these days . . . Terri
  12. healing

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    I too find it important to exercise and try to do so regularly. I used to play a lot of soccer, 5-6 days a week. Now, if I feel really bad, all I can do is 15 minutes on my chi swing, which is pretty passive "exercise." On good days, I'll use my treadmill, but certainly not at the intensity I used to. Now, I think 3.5 mph is pretty fast! This winter, I've tried a Pilates class, and it is wonderful. Stretching is so good for FMS. My exercise is slower, but whatever I can do makes me feel better physically, and better about myself.

    I agree that you have to keep pushing yourself to do a little more than you think you can. It's so easy to just give up. Exercise makes us better, body and mind, and we need to pursue it as energetically as we do getting the right meds.
  13. karen55

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    The one thing I've never stopped doing is stretching. I learned how important that was after my first back surgery in 1996. I stretch daily, several times a day, and I always stretch before any type of exercise. I honestly believe that the daily stretching is the main thing that's kept me as mobile as I am.

    I know that physically, this is going to be very slow-going, but it will help me mentally, as well, just knowing I'm trying.

  14. Betsy2

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    I feel better mentally when I exercise as long as I don't overdo and end up in severe pain. The pain affects my moods as most of you know. I have begun trying to stretch every day and do strength training at Curves three times a week. The reason I like Curves is because you can pace yourself at whatever speed you want. It allows me to rest between using the machines by using what are called "resting stations" where you dance, march or whatever floats your boat.