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    Hi and thank you so much for the Philly info. I would be curious to know what helped the brain fog and if you took any antivirals and if they made a real differenc. I am already on estrogen, progest.,testos., cortisol, and DHEA. And of course an array of supplements. I had already been on bio hormones, but he uped them.
    Maybe I should't ask and ok if you don't answer, but which doc do you see. I see Dr. L.
    ANY info. you could give me would be so much appreciated. And by the way it usually takes me 4hrs. to get there. I have the IV for pain and fatigue each time(takes about 1 hr.). Have not had anyother IV's.Linda
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    My appoint. was the 20th, but I called yesterday and moved it up to Mon. Since nothing good is happening I feel like I'm wasting time. Besides that, the brain fog is soooo bad it is scaring me.
    I take the neuro B12 and have taken coq10 for a long time. I also have EBV and very high yeast. I will get the results of tests for infections when I go back.

    The 1st IV, I did not notice a difference, but the 2nd time it really helped me ont the drive home. I never left there till 6:30 and was alone. Also helped pain in my neck and back. However, this only lasted a few days.
    Who knows, maybe they will get better each time.
    Thanks for the info!!!!
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    Actually, no. Brain fog and memory are so much worse, and am also more fatigued.My last appoint. was about month and half ago. I started on Nystatin(which I have taken before), cortisol 10 mg., and he uped the progesterone and testosterone, which I started just a week ago so I could finish my others (very expensive as you know).

    I did call 2-3 wks. ago since I was getting no response to taking higher dose of flexeril for sleeping. He started me on doxepin, increase every 3 days up to 50 mg. I used to take this (for 12 yrs.), 75 mg. with pretty good results. It is a very long story as to why I stopped it. But since 1999, from my PCP (who thinks I have panic and nerve problems), I also take 50 mg. Zoloft and 2 mg. ativan at H.S. Now 50 mg. doxepin and 10 mg. flexeril....and 3 mg. melatonin. Still is not letting me get the amount or quality of sleep I need. That is another reason I upped my appoint. They probably get tired of me calling there.
    Sorry this is so long, didn't mean it to be.
    Thanks for listening.

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