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    I'm having a hard time surfing for apartments and jobs in the TN websites. I've tried the Nashville newspaper, but that just gets me into this silly automated site that is too vague and has little resources, and same goes with the community shopper site listed on there. I need the best and easiest sites, if possible, or a way to get the newspaper way up here in WI because I need to plan for a visit down there, and my father wants me to research it on the internet first. He thinks information is so easily gotten on the internet. I should sit him down here sometime and ask him to do it, lol. It is easier if you are visiting the state or living in it already, because then you have the newspaper, etc.

    If no one can help, I'll just contact the visitor center and then get more vague sites, lol, with fewer resources. I'm good at being resourceful, but I get so frustrated surfing for stuff on the internet that I cannot find.

    Fight :)
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    but here's some helpful info for you and it's free.

    Most city states have a Chamber of Commerce, with tons of info pertaining to that particular area. Such as Relocating, Visiting ,housing, apts, jobs, schools,newspaper info and such.
    email them at their website with any information you are needing, and they will.

    Such as
    These are very helpful.
    They want to mail as much info you are looking for to help with relocating and such.
    This should give you alot of starter info and hopefully some Tennessee folks will post here for you too.

    Hope this all helped some.
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    So you're thinking of giving up our 'frozen tundra' climate for something warmer???? Geez, why would anyone want to get out of WI????????????

    Regarding your apartment search you might check There's a box you can check that you want to search rentals rather than buying a home.

    Also, if you type in Memphis TN relocation (or Nashville TN relo) you'll get a lot of info regarding the city. Most have a section where people have posted for specific info, you can read the responses. The info is taken from the last census. You'll also find the area's newspapers listed.

    I've been in both cities a couple of times. I didn't care for Memphis, too flat - you might as well stay where you are. At least in Nashville you'll be slightly closer to the mountain ranges (within an hour if I remember correctly).

    Hope I don't offend any Memphis folks here. I've only been thru sections of the city (and we toured Graceland) but I'm a mountain worshiper so it just didn't do it for me.

    We have also been to Florida quite a few times and it is sooooooo humid I was convinced I'd never get dry again. Same with Texas.

    I love Virginia and if we could move that's where we'd go. We've researched other destinations and always end up back in my beloved mountains of VA.

    In another post you asked about the effects of flying on our poor painful bodies. For me it's miserable, but so is riding in the car long distances. Besides FM I have a lot of arthritis and problems with blood clots so I think flying makes it worse because I'm confined to my seat. At least in the car we can stop and walk around for awhile. Still, flying is the quickest way to get there if you're traveling really long distances.

    From here the drive to Nashville would be a piece of cake, even with frequent stretching & potty breaks.

    Hope this helps.

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    Cool, thank you!

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    Why you say?
    Because I'm crazy!
    To have lived here this long.
    Now I just can't go on.


    TN is now getting hit with a Winter Storm Warning, and I'm laughing one second, but then thinking, "How dare he!" I say he as far as weather, because it's always the man's fault, lol... just kidding guys.... kind of, lol.

    Take me home, country roads, to the place, I belong, W. Virginia, Mountain Mama, take me home, country roads... Denver (anytime someone says Virginia or W. Virginia, or country roads, lol, I think of that song. If only I could write like he did! Maybe some day. When I'm old and gray.)

    I told some of my friends I use to hang out with that place in the Jam sessions, that I'm moving to TN to be a songwriter. Geeze! Lots of skeptics out there, lol! I guess I won't tell anyone my goals, at least those in person, lol. They forget that I can hear a pin drop across the room, even if they don't mention my name. It's an ability I've had for a long time. Plus, I read non-verbal language extremely well. I can sing, but I have always told them I can't because I don't want them pressuring me to get up there. If I don't have words in front of me, it can be difficult, unless I'm singing to Bon Jovi. No difficulties there, lol! I turned on the TV the other night, seeing the late show and the host and a guest trying to sing to Bon Jovi. I never knew people didn't know the words to "Living on a Prayer!"

    I wrote a song about Nashville years ago. Don't know what I did with it. I need to get better organized... but I do remember the main chorus line, so I can easily rewrite it.

    Most of my songs are five minute wonders. I write for five minutes and then quit if the song doesn't move me the next day or so to write more.

    It is far easier to drive to Nashville than to come back home. I love seeing Beloit and Rock County in my rear view mirror. Me and the security guards at the guard shack always talked about that, lol. When I was working security, I was going into a career that the guys didn't think suited me, police work, months before I came down with this illness. I graduated and a few months later, wam, this hit me. Anyway, what was funny was how everyone told me there that I should be a songwriter. I didn't get why they would say that being that I only wrote 100 songs and shared it with them. My friend Bill kept on insisting that I forget about police work and become a songwriter. And his reasoning was that police work is a tough job to get into. I didn't see the logic, lol. One would say that songwriting is tougher. But he said he sees I have the skills after reading and hearing me sing the songs I wrote.

    I tortured the security officers with all of my songs, but the only one who minded had songs written about him, as we called him the Llama Mama! Then I put a valentine in the newspaper for him, saying I Love You, Love, Llama Mama! He told me to count my pennies, because he's gonna sue me, lol. I had security laughing so hard! It was the only way to keep from being bored to death. I wrote and wrote to deal with my emotions and to entertain my fellow brothers, I called them.

    In fact, I cannot think of a time when I wasn't writing songs in some job I was at, or in class, etc. I got this job at a grocery store, and all they did is play music. Since I was a little girl... all I've wanted to do was write music and entertain.

    Well, I have a friend coming over. Write more later! Thanks Hon! My fellow crazy Wisconsinite!

    Fight :)

    P.S. My dad is really proud of me, even though he's worried about me moving far away. But my mother, she's been depressed the last past week because she sees she cannot talk me out of moving. Out of all people I would think she would be happy, but I'm realizing how much of a rock I am to her. She'll get over it when she ends up moving down there, lol. I always use to be the family entertainer and protector, provider of emotional relief of stuff they go through. Don't know what my brothers think as I haven't heard the gossip yet. I will eventually, lol.

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    Thought of this one last night although too tired to post then.

    Search their online radio stations and listen to them on the internet Live.
    You can make friends instantly LOL
    Call in (radio stations)on game question and hey you may win a free trip to Tn.
    You never know till you try.

    They may have a game show of Name that Tune
    Bingo, Fight wins!!! LOL
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    Thanks Hon! I'll do that this weekend. It's another thing to add on my long list of things to do. My mother was coming over and helping me with organizing and cleaning, but now that she knows I'm moving to TN, she doesn't want to come over to help me anymore. She's acting out because she doesn't want me to move.

    I'll add that to my long list of things to do! It would be nice to win a trip! I don't want to fly though, because then I'd have to rent a car and I'd prefer to drive my comfortable car.

    Thank you for your help! Maybe they need to hire some assistant for the radio stations... and maybe I can get a job doing that until my career takes off.

    Fight :)
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    Hello fellow Wisconsinite!

    Keith Urban is married to actress Nicole Kidman.

    He sure knows how to entertain!!!!

    When I hear his songs I feel his pain, his delight, his deep emotions... I don't want the song to end because he is such an awesome songwriter, and I just love the way he writes the music, as if the music itself were the emotions. He is really talented!

    "Take your records, take your freedom, take your memories, I don't need them...
    Take your space, and take your reasons that you'll think of me....
    & Take your cat and leave my sweater, because we have nothing left to weather....
    In fact I'll feel a whole lot better but you'll think of me."

    OMG that song is soooooooooooooo good!

    Wow, I had no idea he was born in New Zealand!

    You know who I really love? Gary Allan... He's really good at his love songs. Most of my lyrics are of a similar "style" of country love songs, often used by Gary Allan and Keith Urban.

    And I love: "Til' Summer Comes Around" by Keith Urban.

    And here are my favorites of Gary Allan: "Best I've Ever Had," and "Today"

    The "Today" song makes me cry every time I hear it, as it is so good!!!!

    And the Best I've Ever Had is an amazing love song... I do not know if he wrote this or if someone else wrote it... as I've heard this song sang in rock-pop, and another country singer sang it too. A great song, but I prefer Gary Allan's voice over all of the others who sang this!

    I hope you are able to get out of this frozen tundra. I think electricity and heat is cheaper in TN. I know how difficult it is to pick up and move. I am going to experience it myself, but I have this compelling urge and have to fulfill my dream. & I need some place a little warmer than this state.

    Well, I'll keep you posted Dear... Try to keep warm these next few days as temps are in single digits, and negative digit, and windchill is -20F. I think the F should stand for something other than Farenheit in WI. It should be FF, if you know what I mean, the last initial meaning Freezing, lol.

    Fight :)

    First time hearing this song, this one of Gary Allan's is really touching and good!

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    just may be a good start. i wish you the best and have patience.

    I agree with driving to be the most suitable.
    It's very understanding for a mother hesitating of her daughter moving. A good understanding
    daughter to mother talk would be wise, with hugs.

    Much of Tenn. may be without power due to their weather/storm.
    All of that will pass and hopefully lots of Tenn. to respond here for you.

    Live life well
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    Yes, patience is a word I don't know, lol...

    Sounds like a good idea. I'll go visit her when she's over her depressed mood, because I don't want her to try to talk me into staying here when it's TN I need to be at.

    Thank you!

    Fight :)
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    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He is presenting? awesome! I tape all of the shows, in case I forget to watch them... but usually I don't forget about these shows, but I tape them also so I can see them twice.

    Sounds like great fun, a road trip to see KU!

    Gary Allan - he's not getting number one hits, although I think with his music, it's better than any Cowboy Cassanova. He's not 20 years younger, and doesn't dance around strutting his stuff, almost to the point of looking like he's in some ..... nevermind, so I guess that's what would make him not pass up that song.

    I think the country music women that enter into the business need to be more cautious about who they stomp all over. They also need to tell these greedy producers that they're not going to stoop down that low just to make top hits. And, they need to not forget to honor the women who led the way on the path for them to even be famous in the first place.... like Reba McIntire, Faith Hill, & Dolly Parton, Barbara Mandrell... etc... Patsy Cline...

    You should see how hard Keith Urban works on his songs on one of the videos that he is just practicing up with the band on the intro of a song. Hope he wins a few awards on Sunday!

    Fight :)
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    Welcome back Fight

    Did you Win any radio game giveaways ???

    Did you make it to Memphis, Knoxville along with Nashville ????

    If you cried on the way back to wisconsin, then Tennessee may be your new home to be.

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    Thanks Hon! There are several jobs I'm considering since I feel so much better down there.

    I don't like the "Without power" thing, but I can handle it, as WI goes without power a few times a year at least.

    I'll do my best to talk with my parents. They always get hugs! Hopefully my father will come around, too! He's resisting my plans to move south, but I have to for relief and to be able to work again. This cold up here is so unbearable. I feel like a frozen popsicle! My muscles begin to relax down there and that's better than what any med has done for me.

    Fight :)
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    I didn't even know you were planning a trip to TN last week. I guess I'm a little behind - LOL.

    So where did you go??? How long were you gone?? Wasn't the weather bad down there??? Did it match your expectations????

    Can I get more nosy??????? LOL LOL LOL

    Can't wait to hear all about your trip.


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    your muscles relax down there. That's wonderful to hear. Plus a whole new atmosphere meeting new people can be exciting too.

    Oh so your did have the chance to look into some job possibilities, Fight a newspaper online may also open up some views for jobs too. A person can search so much these days right on line, this will be much to your advantage.

    As far as the without power due to storms or whatever a generator would take care of that issue. Although you could consider that at another time after being settled in and all.

    There are dreams i wish i would have followed, you have strong instinct of music and writing and one thing i'd like to say is follow your heart and dreams Fight.

    Another thought would be is to visit the area again with more time to stay there. Perhaps the summertime would be good. You're a smart gal, you'll figure all this out.

    I'm so happy for you to explore your dreams and take the next step.

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    Hi Nancy! What a trip it was in the *now. It was exciting, but too hard on my body.

    Next time I'll stay longer. I think the next visit will be permanent, but I have to think things over first.

    I enjoyed the Music Bend, but the bands did have their music up too loud that my ears were hurting. Got to hear Johnny Cash's grandson sing, and heard Bill Danoff, the co-writer of Country Roads, sing too! I didn't know that stars would be so down-to-earth, and hang out with regular folks like me.

    Most the time I spent was getting lost on the roads. The fun of it was asking people where I'm at and see them laughing and smiling at my getting lost, as it must be a common thing there. I could use a GPS, but don't want to end up in the water. You've seen google's map from NY to Paris, haven't you? It takes you across the Atlantic Ocean, saying, "Swim across the ocean!"

    I cannot stand this cold and my body is so much better down there. Plus, music is a great distracter of my pain and fatigue. If I can only play the piano better, then I'd be in a band.

    How have you been doing? Have you been to visit TN before?

    Fight :)
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    Hi! Yes, lots of people to meet... even some famous that go in and out of Nashville all of the time... even visiting local bands playing at local areas.

    I guess I would hope that the apartment I get has a generator.

    I've been dealing with crap from some of my family, saying such negative things about my possible move down there. Hopefully they won't continue to break me down like they did yesterday.

    Music has always been the center of my life... and I've always made up songs at the drop of a hat, just for myself. I've been too shy to sing songs in a band though, because I often forget the words, but a wise band player told me to just write the songs down over and over on paper, and that's how he memorizes them.

    Thank you for all of your supportive, encouraging words when I most need them!

    Fight :)
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    I just wrote you a long note and it went poof. I'll try it again.

    Did you go to Nashville? I hope the bad weather didn't turn you off. This is a pretty unusual weather pattern.

    Yes, I've been to TN often. I love the area in the Smokies (around Knoxville).

    What made you decide on TN? Have you considered NC? The area around Asheville is beautiful with lots of cultural opportunities.

    I went to VA almost every summer when I was a kid so to me it would be like going home. I wish the housing market would improve so we could list our house and make a fair profit.

    How is you family responding? I'm sure it's difficult for your folks to watch you leave but you're an adult and have to do what makes you feel better. They'll come around eventually.

    Okay, signing off before I get poofed again.
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    I love Asheville! :) I fell in love with that city when I went with my bf, now my exbf, to see the Biltmore Estate!!!!

    Yes, housing has made things extremely hard for people who want to leave, especially in WI, and I'm guessing also in job deprived states like Michigan.

    A man lost his job in Baraboo. If you heard the news, don't repeat, as I was just wondering if you heard about it. So sad! So many people base their worth on their ability to make money, to keep a job, and lots of family pressures are involved along with it. It's a tough job market out there. 3/4ths the jobs listed in almost all of the job websites are absolete.

    I guess I want to be in Nashville to write songs. But my gut is telling me to get my Master's Degree first so that I can support myself to live down there and write songs. Because luck has not been a good friend to me.

    The family is doing all they can to discourage me, but my mother is turning around. But as all parents, they seem to know best how to live their children's lives. One thing that ticks me off the most, besides being talked about negatively is to listen to people who want to live my life or live their lives vicariously through mine. I'm too independent for that! It drives me nuts that people think my decisions aren't good enough. Just because I like to take my time in making decisions doesn't mean I need their help, lol. And then some of my family, like a few males, they've cut on me and stuff, and it hurts me a lot when they talk about my plans and future in such negative ways. One apologized last night, my father. He just gets in those moods, and I'm thinking because he doesn't want me to move so far since I'm his one and only daughter. The other man hasn't bothered apologizing and thinks I owe him an apology, and that's a fat chance in you know where! Thank God he left for the weekend!

    I often copy what I wrote so that way if it poofs then I can just paste it into a new posting, and that saves me the headache of trying to remember what I wrote.

    By the way, I got lost on the Indian-named roads, the ones that take you in a curvy way to the park. I can't believe I got lost between Taco Bell and my mother's house, lol.

    In TN I got lost all of the time, but I did get to learn new roads. Nashville, downtown, is not all that pretty. I went by Loisville, Ky, at night when heading down there, and my jaw dropped to the floor. While I'd never live there because it's still colder than I like and there's nothing in Ky for me at least, it is lit up so beautifully at night! I hope I got it in the right state, or is it IN? lol... doesn't matter. But I'm so tired of getting lost. I'm going to hire a personal driver someday, lol... or maybe buy a GPS and end up in a lake or river.

    I want to move down south so bad because my pain levels did decrease. Someone rudely told me it is because my illness is psychological, and nothing to do with warmer weather than here and stuff. I should've said, yes, it is psychological because I had less stress from you to deal with, lol. He's such a jerk!

    Fight :)
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