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    In reading your answers to some of the post is like reading about myself.

    My mother died suddenly in 2001, my life changed forever. She and I were always together. She loved the Lord so much, and taught me to love,, trust and serve Him. She had fibro/CFS also and she understood me and all my aches and pains and the effects of having this disease.

    My husband is sick also and has been for several years from the effects of diabetes. We have been married 32 years..about 25 years too long. He is a good Christian man, but very into himself and his needs. We have not had an intimate relationship for about 25 years. I like you should have ended it when my heart told me too, years ago.

    But feelings of guilt and responsibility and believing that he would change in his indifference towards me kept me here. God can do all things, but he can't change a cold heart that doesn't feel or see the need to change. My husband thinks that what makes him happy should make me happy also.

    I have been and will continue to pray for you. Please do the same for me. I live in Tennessee. I am 56, retired on disability and have no children.. a little Schnauzer ..Zoe keeps me going.

    I wish there were some way we could chat or e-mail each other. Do you ever go to the chat room..I do sometimes late at night around eleven or so and later when I can't sleep. Maybe we can run into each other there.

    This message board is so helpful to vent and let our request be made know unto God and our brother's and sister's in Christ.

    Till later,