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    Is it easier to have CFS/FM with a rank and file job, or a Management job?

    I'm thinking that as a supervisor, I won't have grunt work (be caseloaded and have millions of cases to process). I know that I'd have endless meetings and reports about my staff to turn in. But the casework and grunt work would be gone. And yes, the overtime would be gone-------somedays I'd have to stay longer than 8 hours (but I do that now), but I'd also be able to stay less than 8 on some days.

    Mostly, I need the money and health insurance, and want the experience on my resume. I'm really scared and really need to be out of the 9 to 5 ratrace. But until that happens, I'd rather make more money and have a nice position.

    Also, as a supervisor, I'd finally have my own private office, which I need badly and two doctors have placed that on medical documentation forms, but my employer refuses to grant that.

    What are your thoughts?
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    For me, I cannot sit at a desk all day. But with my current position, it's alot of up and down-------------to the fax machine/copy machine/file room/turning in work/seeing clients, which wouldn't change as a supervisor.

    But with my fibro fog, managing a caseload of over 1,000 (plus having to cover for my team's work when they're out, as I'm a teamlead), and having to calculate arrears and turn in packets, that are double-checked for accuracy by the courts, is getting to be too much.

    I basically need to escape being caseloaded. I like the purpose of my work (though I don't like my coworkers and Management)but don't like the bureaucratic red tape and unattainable caseloads. I wouldn't have to worry about not working enough cases per month as a supervisor. I'd merely have to motivate my staff and turn in reports about my staff.

    Even now, I like the research aspect of my job, but just not being responsible for turning in paper-pusher packets, only to have stuff held up by bureaucratic red tape.

    Since I'm a teamlead, I am a supervisor flunkie anyway--------have to sometimes do a supervisor's dirty work, but cannot discipline my team when they don't do their work.
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    I have been a manager/director for 13 years and the stress and workload seems to be connected more to the company I worked for rather then the position I was in.

    My current job is being a telecommunications manager at a major financial industry company and most people would say that I had a very stressful job by my job title. However I find this job the least stressful for a good majority of the time. I work a traditional work day albeit early - I work 6:30 to 3:30 everyday with limited this is a huge chunk of why it is less stressful because my other jobs required a lot of weekend and night work.

    I don't know if this helps you but I would really be careful to assume that a supervisor job would be less stressful. Personally I think the managing of a staff is the most stressful part of the job because you cannot control their a lead you might already know that but it just gets harder when you have the disciplinarian (sp) issues. My next job will not be in managment of people I promise ME that!
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    My business was so small (only one girl in the other room) that it was easy for me (Sport Massage, Chronic Pain Massage). I had drop-in's as well as sceduled clients. If I had bad times, I could simply go in only for the sceduled clients since I had so many permanent clients. I put up a note on the door for the drop ins to call for a time they thought they wanted to come in. I also had a rip-note board and a box they could put a note in. So, no staff per say, but i had to do EVERYTHING there, taxes too,,,LOL!

    It was still easier than working for someone else.
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    Do any of the new members have any ideas about this?

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