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    I still haven't gotten my computer back from the repair shop (I'm on a computer at the public library, and if I stay here very long, I'll overdo), but I hope people have been posting thoughts/commentary/questions/ discussion on THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME.
    I should be back online by Thursday or Friday.
    Keep posting more messages!
    Take care.
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    Hope you're back w/ us soon. I am still waiting for the library to deliver the book.

    I read the book some years back. The only thing I remember is the funny name and more than the usual share of teenage angst.
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    I copied this from the older thread.

    Aside from some bad language, I found the book to be eye-opening. Seeing the world from the perspective of an autistic person made me see everything in a whole new light.

    I now wonder what people see in me. You know, I see me in one light; you see me in another light; but how would Christopher see me?

    It also sheds some light on why some of us don't like to be touched. Maybe there is some autism in each of us. I know I saw some of me in him.

    I also related to his affinity to animals. Animals don't "lie". You can take them at face value.

    His journey to London was so brave. The way he reasoned everything out, from why he had to go, to how to get there, to each step of the way.

    Mark Haddon has a real gift seeing into the mind of someone so different. He is truly blessed.

    Ken, we miss you, so come back soon! I'm going into geography withdrawal! LOL

    God Bless.