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    Hi Bunny!

    I have been following your progress along with others on the message board about Lyme. I am particularly interested in your progress because we are seeing the same female physician in FW. But now I'm a little worried. Have you decided to see some one else? I saw your post saying that you had an appointment with a llmd? Will you be changing doctors? I thought you were doing well and now I'm not sure.

    I have just started treatment with dr. R. so it's too soon to tell. She is very kind, and seems knowledgeable, but can she really help!

    I look forward to hearing from you. We are all searching for answers, and it's so nice to be able to share our journey.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Hi Bunnyfluff,

    Bumping to hear from you.

    Thanks, Lil
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    Is really great. I love her a lot, and I owe her so much. Her protocols are sound, and she helped a couple of people I know personally recover from Lyme. That is how I found her~ they said "you have Lyme, I don't care what anyone else said! Go see Dr Rollins!" You know, I feel like she was a gift given to me from God, b/c I was so very, very ill when I finally saw her. I now have hope.

    I was back to being near bedridden before her, and all swollen, and I had active EBV for 6 months before her. I truly feel like she was the only one to try to find the cause, and stop telling me to "just live with it". As long as you have been sick, I'm sure you can relate.

    I went to Dr Moayad b/c my regular neuro doesn't really believe in CFS/Chronic Lyme, and Dr Moayad is one of the leading specialists in this area. I have very severe neurological involvement with my Lyme.

    Dr Rollins is very well versed in Lyme, one of the people I know that she treated was almost paralized, and she is doing great today! You have to really be committed to recovery, from what I can tell~ Count me in that group!!

    I look forward to our journey together. We will get worse and better, that is part of it, but in the end....We Will WIN! This much I know for certain! :)

    Chat anytime,
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    Oh Bunny,

    You have made my night really special. I have seen so many doctors over the years, most well meaning who have wanted to help, but couldn't, and sadly a few who were opportunists taking advantage of those of us who are desperate. But to make that long, long story short, this is the first time that I've felt calm and peaceful about my choice of physicians.

    I thought that Dr. R. was really special when I met her and I am thrilled to learn that my instincts are right. How wonderful to have some friends that are getting well! I sincerely hope that I can be added to that list and that someday we can look back on our journey and mark now as the turning point to wellness!

    I am so glad that you've chosen to stay in touch. I will reach out on chit chat to keep you informed of my progress, and protocols that are helpful.

    You are right Bunny, we can finally see through the fog. We know what we're up against, and we know we can get through it. Truly there is hope. We have a plan.

    Take good care of yourself.
    Yours, Lil
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