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    I sometimes do not remember posters names, but I remember what they posted.

    Is the gal that her SO also has Cfids and her SO was bitten by a dog......still posting?

    I have wondered many times on how her SO is doing since the dog attack.

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    Hi, Susan, how sweet of you to remember!

    Well, she's doing well, bitewise, it healed up beautifully....but

    She has PTSD over it!!! She is so afraid of the PEOPLE that own the dog, that I had to take her place at a "dangerous dog" hearing.

    It was a panel of three, Dir. of Animal Control and two vets.

    We sat in a small room on two sides of aisle...not allowed to talk to each other, just to "judges". She said they were sorry it happened, he said he doesn't believe it was their dog.

    She said not fair my DP didn't show...judges said they know all about FM AND THEY UNDERSTOOD! I replied, A miracle, no one else does...they laugh.

    They said dog socialized, plays with their kids, goes to Petco, gets groomed, plays with 2 boxers, etc.

    I say dog just bit and ran...didn't hand on, so maybe it did know it was doing something wrong. I didn't want dog put down, didn't want them to lose their pet, but wanted fence fixed so it couldn't get out again...

    They also had 3 other reports, one from us last Feb 1st.

    Long story letter was declared a dangerous dog...they have 10 days to comply with law: $100,000 liability ins., special collar from them, always a muzzle, restrained outdoor area, etc. Well, they have no money, are rentors there and are just hard working people with 1000 tatoos LOL...

    After meeting, they were outside crying, I couldn't get by them...talked to them, cried too..told them I'd personally help them get fence fixed if they get dog back, and anything else I could do, I would.
    Told them I don't want bad feelings with nabors, and hoped they didn't too. She came around, shook my hand, he insisted not his dog, but I asked him to believe me and please shake my hand....he did.

    Now will walk over there and see what I can do to help, if they do their share.

    DP is very upset and shaky, terrible stomache pains and fearful. Feels she has been wronged, we shouldn't do anything for them. But I gave my word, so will try, but don't think they will be able to get insurance or pay the very large fines and boarding fees and collar and neutering, etc, so they are going to be MAD...hope they don't just shoot me.

    Thanks for you never expected the whole story!!! Thanks for listening, then....

    Love ya,
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    I was concerned for all on this incident. I appreciate you sharing the story. No, I can not see where they could get the insurance and all. Insurance co. would check and find the previous reports and all. Probably not take it anyhow and the cost would be terrific.

    It is to bad that SO had/and is going through all of this. I can understand. But I do not think she has to worry. Yes, she was a victim of the neighbors neglect with the dog.
    Tell her I am sending her blessings and gentle hugs..

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    It was very big of you to offer to help these people after that terrible incident.

    I'm sure he KNOWS it was his dog, he is just in denial.

    I do want other people to be able to have pets, but no one should ever be afraid in their own neighborhood, so YES they should have to repair fence, muzzle dog, anything necessary to prevent this from happening again.

    No one should have rights that trample on other people's rights and their right to have a pet should not trample your rights to live safely.

    I do hope this comes to a satisfactory resolution. Maybe since they are renters they will just leave.

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    Thank you so much for your kind concern and words, they mean a lot,I'll tell her you care and send your love!

    I haven't gone down there yet...she doesn't want me to, but I feel I gave my word and they might get angrier if I don't...then again, might be worse if I do...

    Will try over the weekend...but think maybe they are partiers, so maybe will wait until Sun. afternoon...

    Will let you know if anything ELSE happen, I hope not....

    Love ya...
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    If they give you any trouble at all, see if you can contact their landlord. Believe me, I am a landlord and if I knew that my renters had a dangerous dog, I would have them evicted, because of liability issues. I would be open to a liability suit! Landlords can be sued for renting to a person with a dangerous dog.

    Just some info. for you if you need it later.

    Take care, Sally

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