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    Ever since I read your posting on short people finding clothing.......I have thought about it.

    Others already had posted what I would suggest. I am short, but not real little......wt. wise......but I have been 5 ft. tall for many years of course and at diffent sizes.

    One thing that had helped me over the years was to have iron on tape. I do cut and sew, but sometimes we do not have the time, or a hem starts to come out and we need the slacks or skirt right now. Or I just bought the item to wear before I had time to shorten. I never did it on cuffs, but it would probably help there also.

    Just iron on the tape as instructions says. It used to last a long time.

    Petite is still too long for me. Does not seem fair. I have to cut at least a inch off in order to have clothing the right length. Sometimes more than that.

    I also used to know a retired lady that would hem and such for a little fee. Wished I knew one now. I guess I could look for one.

    On sweat pants or any with a cuff that hugs the leg, just cut the cuff off and hem. They look so nice that way. Any skirts with decorative bottom, hem from the top, maybe remove waist band, fold over, sew and insert elastic. Of course this only works on any skirt you would wear a over blouse or sweater with.

    Recently when in a dept. store mu DH commented on some cute PJs. I held the pants up and saw that I would not need to hem them. I bought a total of three. When I got home I saw that they were Capri length! Of course they are much longer on me.

    Many of my summer slacks are really capris. If someone buys long shorts, they could buy a a pair with cuffs. That wasy the cuff could be taken out and Eurkea....capris!

    I hope this helps. Bless you........Susan
  2. findmind

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    How sweeet of you to be "googling" this over and get back to me!

    We have done some of those tricks to shorten things, howeveer, we are both terrible seamstresses and even with iron on tape, for some reason we get puckers and uneveness in length.

    She finally ! got a great job, so we are looking for a seamstress close to her house to help her with the problem.

    Again, much gratitude you took the time and energy to write again.

    Read your posts regarding lymph node still sending white healing light your way, and know whatever happens, you are determined to beat the monster!

    Huggies galore,

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