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    Hello Violet,

    Well I very rarely come here at all, but I felt like it this evening for some reason. I was so glad to see your post, and I would enjoy having a discussion with you here for sure. It's been a while since you posted but I can check back periodically, hopefully we will cross paths.

    I am still well, I continue to gain in energy. Although I felt well enough to exercise swimming laps and such a couple of years after the therapy, I have still been making gains in terms of having the stamina to do things day after day, in the very sustained way that people do when they have never been ill. My situation was such that I didn't need to work so I could live a sort of quiet life, and I'm having to change that now. I haven't relapsed or anything, but it's clarifying that having normal stamina ( read aggression) over many days and weeks is something I am still in the process of accomplishing. In terms of obvious things though, I go running twice a week or so for 45 minutes and do anything else I want. It's not that I wasn't fully cured by Mickel therapy, I was, but the work world can be very demanding, especially given my artistic inclinations, which make the rat race seem so meaningless. I'm having to build up tolerance for long stretches of boredom and for doing things I DON'T want to do, unfortunately.

    One thing that has disappointed my so far is how totally unwilling anyone is to listen to my story of what cured me! You are my one success! So, it would be great to have a conversation.

    It is difficult to read the responses here to your posts and mine, where people bring out their very sceptical questions and suspicions. Science is not like a religion that you have to obey, or a guide on how to live your life. Proof is necessary to get into a science journal if you are a researcher, but if you wait to breathe or go for a walk in the park or be kind to yourself or play the guitar until science says to do so, you will wait forever. It's not to say this is what people are doing specifically, I'm trying to illustrate a point though.

    I have noticed that a lot of people who have a very rigourous scientific mindset actually have very strong body-mind integrity. This is something that I think almost everything healthy person has, though it shows up in subtle ways, so that's it's hard for us to see we are missing this instinctive understanding of ourselves. We who have or had CFS often don't realize that other people can be brought up very very differently than we were and can have a very different set of assumptions, which their scepticism serves to balance out. For people who are very sensitive, very intuitive and very conscientious, something else is required in order to return to balance and health , for us it is passion and meaning and letting go. Along with finding the right kind of help to do this in the right way, of course.

    I will check back in a bit! Wishing everyone improved health,