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    I read your response to are we getting sicker posting.

    I am so sorry that you are going through all at this time. It is very hard, I know that so well.
    You are right about not taking pills. I have known of ones that tried that and the mixture they took just made them very ill. Their stomaches were pumped and I hear that is terrible. Some because of type they took left them selves worst off than they were to begin with.
    I would rather live with pain and all than be aliving vegetable.
    But I do understand. Sometimes as I look at some one I suddenly glare or make a face. It is not because of them, it is a pain all of a sudden shooting in me. It is funny in one way.
    With your husband, he does sound like a good egg. As hard as it is try not to take it out on him. Lovingly explain that you appreciate and love him. Tell him that you are doing your best and you realize it is not fair to either of you. We always need to work on our relationships. He needs your understanding also.
    He needs a little TLC also. It really sounds like you try to do a lot. I give you credit for it.
    Kiddo......I do understand as I do such things also. This is a crazy illness and sure is not for the weak! (HA?).

    I could see where your pain of all is bad right now. I want to send you love and gentle hugs. I just am trying to help you through a rough time. I hope you understand.

    I might need you sometime to help me through a bad spot. We all need one another.
    Much Love, Blessings and Prayers coming your way.
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    Bumping back up!

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