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    I'm so excited my husband just came and told me he was taping a show for me. I know a lot of you have seen or heard about it, but for those who haven't it will be on cable.

    I Remember Me
    Sundance Channel on Cable
    Thursday 4/17 From: 5:45 - 7:00 A.M. Central time

    I Remember Me

    Kim Snyder


    74 MINS, Color

    Often dismissed as either a psychosomatic illness or merely an excuse for laziness, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is persuasively defined in this revealing documentary by filmmaker and CFS sufferer Kim Snyder. Researching possible CFS outbreaks in the past, Snyder reveals that the debilitating disease often manifests itself in clusters, prompting her to visit two "hot spots" Punta Gorda, Florida and Lake Tahoe, Nevada. She also interviews three current CFS patients, film director Blake Edwards, soccer star and Olympic gold medalist Michelle Akers and Stephen Paganetti, a Connecticut high-school student who has spent the past two years in bed and had to be wheeled on a gurney to attend his own graduation. "As a work of passionate advocacy, I REMEMBER ME can't be faulted" - Village Voice. TV14 (AC)

    Paula Heredia

    Other times showing:

    Thursday 04.17.2003
    6:45AM ET

    Sunday 04.20.2003
    6:30AM ET

    Friday 04.25.2003
    9:00AM ET

    Monday 04.28.2003
    11:30AM ET

    Hope you all get to tape or watch it.


  2. babyblues68

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    Bumping....there's still 4/20,25,28/2003.
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    I ended up with the Audio part, but the Visual is shot on Both of the Tapes. I have 2 TV's & 2 VCR's, so I was trying to do 2 at once, and they both turned out bad.
    I see that they are on again, and I'll have the Hubby tape for me.

    I'm having a Flare, so I'm full of Electric right now.
    I shocked myself at the Walmart this am, I touched the metal rack, and it Bite me. So that's why the tapes are messed up.

    Madwolf, they have a website I do believe, somone posted it before, might try a seach, or try the and see what happens, may be a .org tho
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    just bumping to get the word out

  5. babyblues68

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    If any of you don't have this channel you might try a friend. Maybe they would have Sundance and could tape it.

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    Darn it!!! I get like over 200 channels and thats not one of em!!! I'm looking for a copy.....I may have one coming on loaner.(my fingers are crossed) I did see it awhile back on for a better price than amazon.For those that are interested in purchasing it.
    Take care everyone!
  9. Debbi

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    still sunday and monday left
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    My daughter watched I REMEMBER ME on the Sundance channel in Washington State and was very impressed.
    Unfortunately, I am not getting this channel, but am trying to find out if it is also aired in Canada. This movie is an eye opener for many, especially in the medical profession - would I love to watch it. Lucky
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    I believe my daughter was watching 'I remember Me' by pure coincidence.
    She wrote me details about it, and I must say, if it rocked her emotions than it must have been quite something.
    In this film a lot of names are mentioned of people who have CFS, the poor care we get from doctors, social stigma, etc. etc. - and above all the daily suffering somebody with an illness like CFS has to endure every day.
    I am living in Canada and according to the film a Canadian research group is also mentioned. I got in touch with them and was asking if they know when/and if the film will also be shown on cable here. I expect hearing from them after the holidays.
    Have a wonderful Easter in hopefully sunny Washington State which I love. Lucky

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    Oh Dear, Now what is up with this? Wouldn;t you think out of the 900 channels that direct TV offers we would be able to find it? I don't watch TV much but, this is usually what happens when I want to. So, now what ared my options? Anyone else out in the part of the country with any suggestions?

    Well, Thanks for letting us in on this, I will keep trying to find it!

    Hugs and HAPPY EASTER....Pam
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    I just saw this message...I have the Sundance channel, and it's on two more times in the next week. I'll try to remember to tape them, then maybe we can circulate a couple of copies around.

    Tandy, your copy is coming, I promise!

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    Geez....I wanted to add that whoever above said she could'nt get it...(I forget who it was...and I tried to remember???ticks me off!!I have the memory of a elderly)
    Anyway....I could loan it to her after I've seen it.I wanted to let my Ma see it too because she has OA and FM.
    Thanks Molegirl!Hope you got my e-mail!
    Warm Regards,
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  17. babyblues68

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    There is one day left of "I Remember Me" on Sundance.

    Monday 04.28.2003
    11:30AM ET

    I hope a lot of you got to see this flim.

  18. Bellesmom

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    I looked it up under the title and found the website but cannot afford it right now. It's up around $30 something. But I can't wait to get a copy.

  19. OuchyMama

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    This was an amazing video but don't watch it on a down day it made me cry alot. Thanks for telling us it was on.
  20. ForeverFlaring

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    I don't get the Sundance channel here either. I checked with my library and they dont have a copy either. If anyone would be willing to loan me a copy, I promise I would send it back.