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    hey k
    i have a 1.7cm macroadenoma as well and it was found about the same time i became ill with cfs. i have bad bad eye pain in the left eye only. my tumor is close to the optic chiasm and i believe during times of stree the tumor enlarges just a little bit and puts presure on the nerve to my eye. the surgeons do not think so but i have had enough of medical school and working in the health care field to know, there are no absolutes.
    they will not do surgery on mine yet because it is behind the pituitary gland and towards the top.

    however all the articles i have read about the surgery, most people come out very good and some even go home the next day. i put pituitary macroadenoma in my search engine and there are all kinds of articles from hospitals that specialize in this kind of surgery !

    i am due for another scan this month so i will see how it goes. good luck to you
    bill m inkc mo.
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    Thank you so much for writing me I appreciate it so much it so much.

    Woo your is a little larger than mine and for that I am very sorry but at the same time it is rather nice to "speak" with someone who has a macroadenoma also.

    Could you tell me the rate of growth of yours? Are you getting any double vision? How are your headaches?

    I am very sorry about the pain eye -- how awful for you. Do the physicians believe you have CFS due to the macroadenoma?

    I have found that while I have always had some fatigue issues with FMS. The fatigue I have been having the past six months is nothing, noting at all.

    For example I went to bed one night at 10pm got up at 7am to get ready for work. While waiting for the bathroom to warm I fell to sleep in a chair for three (3) hours!!!

    I had to call my boss [very embarrassed] and explain that I would be at work just very late.

    I admit I am still somewhat ignorant on CFS and while I do read about it I am sure I do not completely understand it because I do not have it.

    Is this the kind of fatigue you experience? If it is -- OMG -- it is awful and I am very sorry for you and all who go through it each day.

    I am sure you understand how frustrating it is to learn all of this just around the Holidays and naturally everyone is unavailable...

    Mine is in contact with the optic chiasm and I have been having double vision when tired for a while and have notice problems with reading recently -- appears to be bilaterally.

    Oh thank you [Bill] it is very nice of you to take time out and write to me. I have probably read some of the same articles and site you are referring to.

    I am a very anal retentive person by nature [not by choice] so I just can't help researching this even when I tell myself to stop...LOL

    I agree with you completely there are no absolutes in medicine.

    I am sorry your physicians will not see reason and preform a resection of the tumor. Which hormone are you secreting or is it a non-functioning?

    I am still unsure at this point due to only have the round of serum analysis only once and a couple at the wrong time of day also two (I think) omitted completely....sigh

    I assume with your macroadenoma being posterior it is secreting different hormones than one which is anterior naturally I can't remember but it seems that I read it was two or so -- well if you are secreting that is.

    Again I am really sorry you have one of these darn things too and I wish you the best of luck with your MRI. Please let me know how it goes OK?

    I am interested for your health and not just for my noseyness of course that does come in to play a little to be honest :) but I really do hope your hasn't grown any.

    I hope I haven't rambled too much it is rather early here not even 7am yet -- good grief I get up early when i don't have to go into work...arrgghh :)

    Please take care of you and have a very Happy Holiday,

    Karen :)

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    for Bill :)

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