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    HI Nanjee,

    I see that you are back now and seem to be doing better. You might not remember but we used to talk on here and through email about all of our autonomic problems. I was just wondering what all you did to help you feel better. Is it just the magnesium? What kind do you take? I am so happy that you are doing better...I am not doing well at all...Just wanted to see what all you did to improve some.

    Thanks and take care,
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    Hey Nancy,

    Well I am glad you are doing some better, every little bit helps. I have been to potsplace before, but will check it out again as it has been a long time.

    I tried B12 shots but they did not help me, but I was deficient like you.

    I take 167mg magnesium taurate everyday..anymore than that and I get diarrhea, my digestive system is extremely sensitive to meds and supplements

    Some forms of magnesium make my PVC's worse..I cant remember, did you have PVC's too or just tachycardia? These PVC's are about to drive me nuts...

    I am very sick now. When we talked last I was way better than i am now. I am housebound most of the time. Every now and then I will have a better day but they aren't too often. The rest of the time I am stuck on this couch.

    I am just so tired and achy all the time. My autonomic problems are worse too...Well the tachycardia is controlled better because of the beta blocker, but like I said the PVC's are driving me nuts all day nad night.

    Anyway, I know there is something to help me out there, it is so hard to keep the strengh (or get the strengh) to find it...I'm so tired of being let down and only getting sicker. I am only 28 years old and have been sick for 10 years..sometimes I think if I couldnt get better when I was younger, then I never will...but I try to hang in there and fight the fight...

    Again, so happy you found something to help. I wish you only the best and will keep you in my prayers as well. keep us posted around here on how you are doing..Do you still have my email? my computer has crashed several times and I no longer have yours.

    Take care,
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    No, I am looking for a good doctor now. I have some docs in mind, just need to figure out which one to try first.

    I have had my thyroid checked and it is okay, although I know you cant always go by the tests..I think w/all my heart arrythmias I would be to afraid to try it right now anyway..I cant even take B vitamins w/o my heart going into dangerous arrythmia and making me almost black out...

    Good luck w/thryoid, I hope it adds to your improvment. I will keep you posted. Please do the same

    Thanks for the thoughts/prayers.

    Take care,
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    I take 400mg a day of acebutolol..I dont think you can compare it to the other Beta blockers cause the starting dose on this is it doesnt come in like 25mg is a capsule. I took 50mg atenolol before.

    My husband is still great most of hte time..I have gotten so sick so fast recently that I think he is giving up and frustrated..but I am still lucky to have him.

    I am in pain. but I cannot tolerate pain pills due to MCS, so I survive w/o them most of the time..Migraines are about the worst pain I have to deal with.

    Anyway, I will keep in touch. YOu take care.


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