Attention NitaLynn & others that may work retail......

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    I have been doing in-home daycare since my children were born. My youngest will be going to school this Fall and it would truly help our financial situation to go back into retail management. However, I was recently dx'd with FM. I have 10+ years experience in management, display, ect. and a degree in Fashion Merchandising.

    So, here are a few questions.....

    *Did you tell your employer that you have this?

    *What kind of retail?

    *Are you able to sit occassionally?

    *What about dealing with symptoms of carpal tunnel and the like?

    Thanks to all who reply with thoughts, information, or ideas!

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    Just last November I resigned a retail management position. The money and benefits were fantastic and I probably never would have left on my own. I was ordered by my Dr to go on med leave because of neck problems. The longer I was out, the happier I was and finally, I handed in my resignation. Sometimes I ache when I think of the money I gave up but when I remember the stress and constant physical activity I endured, I just can't go back.

    My way of coping at work was "grin and bear it". The only chance to sit was during breaks or while doing my paperwork. Most of my day was spent running and moving constantly. By the end of the day I would literally pull myself up the stairs by hanging off the handrail.

    I think you would have trouble being hired if you were open about your FM (a sad truth). At the same time, if you started putting limits on your activities after being hired, they would consider that you were hired under false pretences and would be tempted to let you go.

    Sadly, you will also find very few co-workers who are sympathetic to your situation esp. if they have to pick up your slack. If we had a visible reason for our pain, maybe we'd get some sympathy but sadly, we are viewed as hypochondriacs.

    I did hand in my resignation once before and my boss asked what I needed to stay. At that time, I asked for an assistant and a 20 hour workweek and I was given what I asked for. This allowed me to work for a while longer. Perhaps a job sharing situation or part-time would work for you.

    Good for you to be considering it! I wish you the very best and please keep us posted!
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    It all depends on the employer. I have a very good store manager who is very understanding. I also have a good doc who is not afraid to give me what medications I need to keep going. My manager knows because I first became ill while working. I guit for awhile and then when I had everything under control I went back. I do have carpal tunnel but not very bad. I have more problems lately with tendenitis in my elbows. I bought wrist and elbow supports at the drugstores and use them as needed. I am also the type who needs to work to stay sane. For that reason I put up with alot of pain. I also focus on the fact that although I hurt at least a work I have things to do to occupy my thoughts. I found while I was not working I sat and thought about the pain and that made it worse. I find more problems with stress at work actually than I do pain. The pain is under control but you stress me out and I very soon lose that control.
    If the option presents itself you might consider getting your feet wet with parttime before you step in over your head even if you have to take a slightly less than desirable position. You can figure out how well the operation works (or doesn't) before deciding whether or not that company is your cup of tea. As for as telling them goes I would not mention it in the application process then play it by ear later.
    My store is pretty good about letting us take breaks as needed so it isn't really an issue.
    And last but definately not least is my hubby is wonderful. I rarely cook and only do the clothes and clean the bathrooms.
    Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I do appreciate you both responding to my post. You both made some great points and gave me some things to think about.

    Yes, I do suppose it may be best to start out part time to see if I could do it. I want to be at least an assistant mgr. to help my family. However, if I push myself into a endless and relentless flare I will do no one any good - employer, family, or myself!

    I look forward to any other thoughts or ideas concerning this issue.

    Thank you again!