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    Hey Pam_d,

    I was wondering if you get a chance if you would mind telling me which doc you are going to in Kansas city ...I'm looking for someone that uses bioidentical...and if you have found a good doc for CFS/FM I would like to know that too.

    I hope you are feeling okay. I just read you are going through chemo..

    Take care,
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    b for pam_d
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    I won't be much help! I have a gynecologist I absolutely LOVE, his name is John Schroll at Antioch & 75th, I think that's Lenexa. Now, I have never approached him regarding bio-identical hormones, so I'm not even sure what his philosophy is on that issue. I just totally love his bedside manner, he gives a lot of time to his patients. You might call the office and pick his nurse's brain about his stance on that before deciding about an appointment.

    The best doctor I've seen for FM symptoms is an alternative doctor named David Beaulieu, approx. 59th & Roe, near the now-being-torn-apart Mission Mall. He's a NAET practitioner, he works with allergies, especially foods---which I think was the root of FM symptoms for me. NAET is not covered by most insurance, but his prices are incredibly reasonable. Do a search on both him (at askdoctordavid) and NAET for more info.

    I don't see him currently, I have my hands full trying to survive leukemia right now. But I highly recommend him, he has many fibro and CFS patients. And while he doesn't deal with bioidentical hormones, I bet he's have a good referral for you.

    Good Luck!

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    Thanks for the info. I have read about David and considered going there years ago. I will think about it again. Thanks for the other name as well.

    I have to do something, I am just getting worse. I wish you well w/your fight against cancer. I can't imagine what you are going through right now.

    Thanks again and Best Wishes,