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    the same thing happened to me my ins quit paying for oxycontin and i went on methadone. i had been on it before.its a very interesting drug, developed by the germans during the war, because they ran out of morophine. it was called dolophine i think still is .
    i get a long pretty good on it it tends to break my skin out a little. when i was in medical school before i became ill, the opoids used to confuse me there are agonists and antagonists and some that are both. one of them blocks pain signals at the mu`1 receptor site and the other one attaches to the receptor site and it is the one that causes europhia.
    they tried me on stadol nazel one time and i thought i was going to die. it has both agonist and antogonist in it to cut down on addiction. one minute the pain was gone and then i felt like throwing up and dizzzy then the back to the pain gone again. i threw it away.
    oop-ps didnt mean to go on a lecture here but i hope this helps. bill
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