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    I posted this on a thread and then realized that it started in 2005 but had came "back to life". Was not sure if you would see it, so re-posting it.
    My question had to do with proper eating..
    To tj53

    Like zerped.....I would like to know what a person would eat daily to get all the proper foods.....

    I need to know amounts.......what consitutes one serving? It sounds like a silly question but I am serious. I love my veggies, even more than meat....But would it be different for different veggies, depending on starches, carbs and sugars in one veggie? I am thinking a small baked potato verus a very large one.

    Would a english muffin be counted as 2 grains? (Top and bottom)? I try and buy small bananas because of sugar content and carbs for example?

    My mind is a twirling....bad to let a fibro brain do this.....LOL. I have a zillion questions?

    Thanks for that posting..........Susan

    I went back and deleted above that I also posted in answer to a the other one is no longer there.

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    these are things that I did know....but I forget!! I need to get back to it...
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