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    hi!--my name is laura----------and i have a work related question for you---only if you are interested????<p> -i was reading the thread about the fentanyl patches------i too tried them for several months--------they were not for me--not b/c of the medicine----------they would not stay on--Yes i tried all the tricks--------plus something broke out my skin where the patch was put on<p>---------sooooo---my question to you is------do they make this medication in a pill/caolet form????------b/c i felt that the medicine did work!!!!!!!!!<p> -right now iam taking methadone and for break through pain-roxidone---------ive been taking this combo for awhile------and unfortuanetly-------feel if iam becoming immune to it-------------which i hate-------b/c i feel this med(methadone) has basically given my life back!!!!!<p> -sorry to be so long winded--thans for listening!!!! and i appreciate any info you can gine me on fentanyl--<p> -LOVE TO ALL--LAURA
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