Attention Ultram users~ !!!! Tramadol

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hey guys~ ladies,
    Just picking away at anything that could have caused an increase in my stomach pain/diareah,gas/IBS ???
    I don't know but I've had a big increase in my IBS pain since starting Ultrams in jan. of this yr.
    I've been looking into the possibilitys of it being my Endometriosis back in full force. (and that could be it)

    Has anyone here taking ultram/tramadol noticed an increase
    in thier IBS symptoms??

    I ask because it was just last night that I dug out the printout that comes from the pharmacy when you get new meds,....
    and for Ultram is states "Not to be used by those with Bowel troubles".....
    it does'nt say which bowel troubles,as they're are plenty.

    I'm wondering now if the ultrams are causing me IBS/ intestinal pain?
    (I had to stop taking it,...just to test see)
    Now I have nothing for my FM pain.

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I've been taking Tramadol for 17 months now ... pretty much 6 to 8 tablets a day. (I also take ibuprofen with it.) I have never had bowel issues while on this medication.

    I need to add, however, that I have not been bothered by the IBS symptom of CFS/FM. My doctor also has me take
    aciphex ( one per day) at the same time I take my pain medication.

    Maybe you can ask your doctor to rx you aciphex too. The pharmacy read out on aciphex is : Medicine is a proton pump inhibitor used to treat ulcers, gastroesophgeal
    reflux disease ( GERD) or erosive esophagitis. Works by blocking acid production in the stomach. May be used in protection of upper digestive track. Etc.,.....

    I looked up my read out on tramadol while I was at it.
    Mine does not mention do not take if have bowel problems.
    The closes it comes to bowel problems is under most common possible side effects mentioning constipation.

    I hope this helps you. For me, tramadol has been a gift from above. I don't want to think of having to make do without it.

    Can you call your pharmacy and ask them if you can take some kind of otc meds. to help your stomach until you can check with your doctor? I hate that you might be hurting. Also, if you have been on tramadol for an extended period of time ( longer then 5 days) it's not good to suddenly stop taking it.

    Tramadol effects serotonin levels... , stop taking it cold turkey can be as bad suddenly stopping SSRI's ... or other AD's.

    I hope you feel better soon ...

  3. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    Tramadol is the same as the generic acetaminaphen (brandname here Tylenol) right?

  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hope I got that right?

    No,...I don't think tramadol is the same as Tylenol?
    I think its a drug all of its own.
    Not like tylenol or ibuprophen.

    My script is for Ultram 50mgs,.... but its filled in generic which is tramadol.

    Elsa,.. I did'nt think about tapering my use, and not quit the ultram cold turkey.
    I did'nt even realize~
    I hate to be without anything.

    I had never taken them as much as I could have anyways~
    My script says up to 6 a day. I've been taking about 3 a day.
    I'll take 2,then about 6 hrs later take 1 more.
    and thats been all day.
    I can't take them towards evening because they make me sleepless. I kinda feel wired on ultram.(which CAN be a good thing)!! when fighting fatigue.

    I'm gonna google 'ultrams and IB" and see if anything comes up.
    Thanks ladies~

  5. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I've been taking Ultram since 2000, and switched to Ultracet (smaller dose of tramadol combined with tylenol, much better for me)...when it came out a few years later...
    It's been an absolute life saver and I've taken one or the other nearly every day since then!

    I have IBS and actually helps the pain and only causes problems when I need more than two doses (I take one or two pills every morning and one more around 1 or 2pm unless in a bad flare...can take up to 8 a day, which will upset the bowels for me, but I don't take more than 3 very often). It will cause me to feel bloated, crampy and sometimes constipated...but only at higher doses.

    Anyway, 2 months ago I picked up my refill for Ultracet and had terrible stomach cramps...only to discover that the pharmacy filled it w/ the newly released generic version. I wasn't the only one to complain...I called the pharmacy wondering if they'd made a mistake because I couldn't handle them. They were the right pills, but she said they would not order them again due to complaints.

    They ordered more (generic still) from a different company and they look the same as the name brand (the others were orange instead of pale yellow) the pharmacist and I came to the conclusion that I probably reacted to the DYE in the generic pill.
    The ingredients are the same for Generic vs namebrand...but different companies add dyes or fillers that make some people react. I know Ultram has had a generic version for years, and I suspect you may be reacting to an additive, or that you may respond better to Ultracet. I'd even call the company who makes them to see what they can do to help you!

    I hope you find your answer. It's usually very good at covering all types of pain (can cover up ulcer pain for instance) so perhaps you should get some samples from your doctor (of the name brand if you happen to get the generic) and have your next refill at a different pharmacy and see if that makes a difference, since they order from different companies or make their own.
    Hope this helps!!!
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I had used the ultracet without a problem for along time before switching to ultrams. I just seemed to need more pain relief then the ultrcet offered.
    So my doc. suggested the ultrams.

    maybe it has nothing to do with the increase in my colon/IBS problems?? I just don't know.
    I'm going thru alot of testing right now, and my gyno thinks its my Endo back again. and during my last Laproscopic surgery,. some was found on my colon.(just one of the area affected) and it usually reaccurs in the same location.
    I guess I'm just making sure that I REALLY need another laproscope done. What if they make me go thru another surgery and its not the endo,..but colon troubles?
    we'll just hafta see.
    I'm due (I suppose) for another surgery for Endo. Its been almost 3 yrs since my last.
    Just hate all this!
    Thank you for all your help Cindi~
  7. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    with the Ultracet and IBS. I have been taking it more often than I did because of oral surgery that went badly and had some nerve damage (as if I needed more pain!) and have not noticed anything except relief.

    You should check with your doctor whenever IBS or intestinal problems get worse.

    Has anyone gotten "used" to ultracet and had to up the dose?


  8. Rose_Red

    Rose_Red New Member

    I don't know if I could make it through everyday without my Ultram.

    It does do a number on my stomach. I have IBS anyway so I don't know if it adds to it or not.

    I've been taking it for 7 years now and am building a tolerance which totally sux.

    Ultracet did nothing for me.

    One thing I did notice was that if I take a lot (or a little more than my normal 8 a day) you can actually taste it on your skin. My BF told me that when he kissed me on the shoulder one time. We were just getting together and he said it tasted nasty. I told him "Deal with it cuz I'm not quitting the one med that helps me to make anyone happy."

  9. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I had endometriosis that eventually webbed my bladder and uterus to my bowels, and then my uterus "fell" and all symptoms were extreme to where I couldn't stand straight up most days...
    So my doc regrettably informed me that I would most likely need my uterus removed due to the endometriosis, that he suspected my uterus was BEHIND my bowels...turns out it was and was cutting them off. My enometriosis wasn't in full flare, but the damage had been done and he said it took him alomst two hours just to separate the uterus from the bowels, and almost and hour to separate the uterus from the bladder due to the adhesions. I also had one badly corroded ovary with a huge cyst so all I have is my one ovary. I still experience cramping and pain but no where to the degree as before. and my IBS got much better.
    I was supposed to have had a lap done about a year before-- perhaps it wouldn't have gotten that bad...but I was trying alternative herbs and didn't want to be opened up again, even with the scope!
    I don't regret the surgery, although I had less than a month to prepare for it. I wasn't going to have more kids.
    For me, ultram doesn't work as well painwise, just makes me dizzy-- the ultracet is less tramadol but the infusion w/ the tylenol gives it an extra kick. I also take Mobic for pain for my joints, but a plus is it helps w/ the other pains too most of the time.
    So now my IBS is very minimal (still have major bladder issues, IC, another story), and I know now alot of the flarups on my bowels were from the endometriosis-- so when I do flare up in the bowels, and cramp, I know it would've been time for my period.
    They found it when I was 19 and there was a little on the bowels, uterus and bladder back then...I was treated with bc pills...then stronger meds...all those years w/ meds, pregnancies, surgeries (laser, three of them), alternative treatments...and it got me anyway! I had the hysterectomy in 2001 at 32 years old.
  10. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    It's cindi again
    I forgot to tell you my gyno-urologist told me Klonopin helps relax the pelvic muscles and sure enough, as long as I take it (one 1 mg tablet at night), it helps the whole pelvic region. When I recently had to stop taking it to prepare for a sleep lab, boy did I notice a big difference in bladder, bowel and crampy pain. I get what I call "charley-horse-crotch-cramps" from the IC and the klonopin helped that amazingly!
    Maybe we should do some research on it! I was prescribed it for something else and my doc said it would help the bladder (his mom has IC so I get a lot of support) and it sure did!
  11. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    I take Ultracet, a combination of acetaminophen and tramadol. I have IBS, and the Ultracet hasn't caused any unusual problems / pattersn with the IBS. Most drugs will note on the benefits/risks form that there may be GI problems. Your problem could be due to the tramadol. If the problems aren't severe, I'd give your body a chance to "adjust" to the medication rather than stop it. I take two Ultracets in the AM and to in the PM, and have found that they have really helped my pain.

    Hope this helps! Take care ... Jeannette
  12. tandy

    tandy New Member

    A whole lot!
    It really helps to hear others situations because many times they ring true for me too.

    Cindi* Can they see on ultrasound adhesions or organs stuck together?? (do you know?)
    I just had one done,..(trans-vaginal)
    and the technician showed me a cyst on my ovary (she said it was'nt all that big) she's seen way larger.
    I'm sure she has,.. but mine is half the size of my ovary.
    Seems big enough to me!! but other than that she said she did'nt really see anything major.No masses or firoids,etc..
    If my bowels were stuck to something or my bladder,...would that be seen??

    It kinda feels like something like that is happening inside. I'm in alot of pain 5 out 7 days a week.
    Too much for me!
    let me know ok.
    I hope you see this reply~
  13. tandy

    tandy New Member

    back up for Cindi~
  14. PainPainGoAway

    PainPainGoAway New Member

    I had an trans vag ultrasound done before the surgery was decided and the only thing that showed up was the unusual position of my uterus-- even that they couldn't really say for sure what was wrong or explain why it was so long and flat if I recall correctly. Oh, they did say my uterus was enlarged (like a pregnancy)

    Unless the adhesions are EXTREMELY large and black (usually in ones who've had it more than 30 years), they won't show up, that's why endometriosis is always diagnosed via a lap.

    My doctor felt around in me and the pain alone let him know I was in agony...he couldn't even start an exam. He had me get off the table, take a pain pill and come back an hour or so later and I still screamed...

    He had delivered my third child and I let him in there while in labor despite pain(no meds, water birth) but I screamed when he tried to "feel" for masses at the examination.
    I wish I could remember the name of what they called what happened to my uterus...but I had stage three prolapse and the uterus was strangling my bowels and pulling my bladder back. None of it was known until he opened me up. That can happen with or without endo I think, but with endo it's worse cuz you can't fix it.

    He admitted he was shocked at what he found...even the cyst didn't show up on the sonogram (it completely covered my ovary and was the size of a baseball and he said cysts shrink and enlarge according to the hormones in your cycle).

    He said he's never seen the likes of insides like mine in someone so young and who had three kids! I also had adenomyosis-- a painful condition inside the uterus of which there is no cure other than to remove it.

    I don't know why he suspected what he did, but he said if the uterus slips behind the bowels and then prolapses (falls), it can wreak havoc on the bowels and cause either chronic problems and even a bowel obstruction-- which could be fatal. That's why I had to have it done right away. But as far as I can remember, the information about the webbing of the bladder, uterus, and bowels wasn't discussed until after the surgery. He's one of those docs w/ a funny sense of humor and said if I could've done without the bowels and bladder, it would've been easier to take them all out than to try to separate them!! That was a joke--but i am always grateful I let him open me up when I did.

    I would really try to get your doctor to do another lap, but make sure it's done while you're on you period. That's VERY important, because that's when the endo is more visible and treatable with the laser. Most doctors SHOULD know that but alas, many would rather ignore how important that is due to the fact that it's messy for them.

    Hope this helps you. if I've rambled too much, sorry...the night meds are kicking in! Any more questions and I will check back sooner this time.
    I agreed to help plan a baby shower and woe what stress...but fun!!! I was too worn out to come on here.
    Good night!!!
  15. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I made another post addressed jut to you~
    a few days ago I think? Its most likely the same questions I asked you here.
    I did'nt think alot of endo stuff could be seen on an ultrasound. So,..basically when it comes to seeing Endo and adhesions,and bowels,etc...they are pretty useless.
    I feel so many endo symptoms and so much more pain lately that I am almost sure something is going on!!
    My bowels are horrible, bladder hurts when just a lil tiny bit full. My back is killing me.
    Butt hurts,... and more.
    The doc. will discuss what to do next on the 19th of this month. But before any testing he said I'm probably ready for another surgery to look inside. (I hate to agree,...But I think so too) I'm a lil scared.
    Just never knowing what they'll find.

    Lastly: My gyno highly suspects adynomyosis in me too.
    He said its been tipped back,..and is speckled looking on ultrasound and those are indications to him of the endo invading the inside of the uterus.
    It sure feels like thie Endo is everywhere in my belly!!
    I hurt all the time,..and just about my whole stomach/pelvic,groin. Even my legs ache. (unless thats the FM)?? so hard to say when you have a few things going on at once. I don't know if I'm coming or going!!
    Thanks so much for helping me out on this~
    You've been a big help! :)
    Hope your doing well~
    Post when you get a chance.
    Or I'll try to get your attention when I know something more. I believe I'll be having a Lap soon.
    Take care

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